The Legend of Power Rangers: New Beginnings

Here is a idea that shows it is totally a original reboot of the current PR series [Like batman Begins]; to me it's a total reimagination of the franchise. The way this is, I'm kind of bringing back the Mighty Morphin days with Zordon and Alpha, but tampilkan a modern twist for the selanjutnya generation. So, here is what called the daftar of the first Power Rnagers, villains (No Rita atau Zedd), and episode stories.

From the start malaikat Grove is a peaceful city thought that nothing could dared threathen the city, but all thought of calm soons becomes a dangerous storm when their galaxy is invaded oleh a intergalatic empire, The Shadow Empire, led oleh its Dark Lord Dalian, who had conqeoured a thousand of galaxies and planet Earth and the Milky Way is next.

Knowing something is wrong, a interdimensional wizard named Marvin discovers the empire's arrival, so he seeks the help of his mentor, Zordon; they both begin on creating a Earth's morphing grid as they create five distinctive powers. Their project continues with the creation of the zords; Zordon enlist Marvin to find five distinctive teenagers.

Marvin begins recruiting the five distinctive teens: Corey, Mary, Travis, Kara, and Jordan, each with a incredible talent; with handling the powers and the zords, the teens are ready to defeat the evil empire as the first elite squad known as the Power Rangers. Dalian sees his chance to invade Earth; however, has no idea, the earth's only defense and fate lies with five teenagers.


Red bintang Ranger --- Corey Willis (The leader of the team; leader of his band, "The WildShocks)

Yellow bintang Ranger --- Marilyn "Mary" Sanchez (She always like adventure and is kind of like a tomboy)

Blue bintang Ranger --- Travis Parker (Master of the martial arts and knowledge of everything else)

berwarna merah muda, merah muda bintang Ranger --- Kara Moore (Skilled in gymnastics; braty girl and always has a sense of fashion; she unintentionally gets a rival as Julie)

Black bintang Ranger --- Jordan Brooks (Shy to girls and is only popluar as a jock: playing football, basketball, baseball; he's strong and the strongest of the team; usually but heads with Corey for the right decisions; feel jealous to Gary's popularity even to the girls)

Celestial Ranger (He came from a unknown dimension where he will assist the others in battle) The 6th ranger's name might be Keno Sioux.


Zordon (The Co-creator of the first PR; Marvin's mentor)

Marvin (The other creator of the first PR; Zordon's student)

Alpha (Zordon and Marvin's robotic assistant)

Bart (One of the three members of The WildShocks; He will do anything to get his band some spotlight)

Tim (One of the three members of The WildShocks; Always follow Bart and is also part of his wacky plans to gain popularity)

Gary (The populer guy at school; every girl has a crush him)

Julie (Kara's rival in the terms of bratty girls)


Lord Dalian (Dark Lord of the Shadow Empire; The rangers' first main villain)

Zira (General-like monster that battles the rangers; always teaming with Nimbus)

Nimbus (Monster that battles the rangers and makes the monsters grow)

Trax (Second Dark Lord of the Shadow Empire)

The Prince of Darkness, ??? (Emperor and Grand Overseer of the Shadow Empire)

Crones (The Shadow Empire's footsoilders)

The Legend of Power Rangers: New Beginnings (Season 1)
The Legend of Power Rangers: Shadow Wars (Season 2)
The Legend of Power Rangers: Galaxy heroes (Season 3)