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Power ranger future force

Future red) unit 7

Future yellow) neo

Future black) Hyde

Future green) Maximilian

Future pink) keo


Future gold) mase

Future silver) Johnson

Villain mextrowcon

Unit 98
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tuneatic said:
Power Rangers Future Family when the Anderson Family are hurled into the tahun 5151 after a science experiment gone wrong they gabung forces with Megwynn the last surviving ranger on earth to defeat the villainous Overlord Quarta, restore freedom and return home

1. Robert Anderson, Red Ranger
detik in command
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Profession: Professor of Particle Physics
Weapon: Axe
Zord: Train (Both Legs)

2. Bethany Anderson. White Ranger
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Profession: Taekwondo Instructor
Weapon: Sword
Zord: Motorcycle ( Left Arm)

3.Hiro Anderson, Blue Ranger
Age: 18
Profession: Computer sciences major at college
Weapon: Buster Rifle
Zord: Tank (Torso)

Kwame Anderson, Yellow Ranger
Age: 21
Profession: Med Student
Weapon: Trident
Zord: Jet (Head)

5. Gabriela Anderson
Age: 18
Profession: Olympic Gymnast
Weapon: Nunchucks
Zord: Helicopter ( Right Arm)

6. Megwynn, berwarna merah muda, merah muda Ranger, Leader
Rabbit person from planet Qwixxi in Koro Galaxy
Gender: Female
Weapon: Twin Sickles
Zord: berwarna merah muda, merah muda Rabbit (transforms into battle mode)

Morpher: I.G.R.A. Badge
(Intergalactic Ranger Alliance)
Morphing Call: For the future
Motto: Rangers together, family forever
Ranger Weapons: Laser Dagger, Sparkle Grenades, Beam Pistols
Ranger Vehicles: Jet Cycles, Ranger Rover
( resembles alvis stalwart amphibious vehicle)
both vehicles have holographic camouflage
Megazord Name: Future Freedom Megazord
Weapon: Quantum Cannon
Flying Saucer Carrier Zord
Headquarters: Secret underground I.G.R.A. bunker beneath the city of Maxitropolis

Villain: Overlord Quarta
Troops: Slimy Cyber Squids
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kaedon said:
power rangers can not go in the future

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