1. Remember the person who played Loki in The Avengers and Young Captain Hook in The Pirate Fairy? anda guessed it. That is Tom Hiddleston.
2. Modern Family's Phil Dunphy is played oleh the same actor as. Jean Pierre Napoleon. That's right. Who knew Ty Burrell was so good at switching between his roles as Phil and Jean?
3. Ever watched the 2005 movie Valiant? Well you'd be surprised to know the same person who played Bugsy is the same person who plays Dominic Badguy in this movie. That's right. Ricky Gervais is the actor behind both characters.
4. Look on the ice wall. See anyone familiar? Those three puppets stuck to the dinding are none other than Gramps, Old Tom, and Pops.
5. Even lebih of a surprise comes when fan find out Hornswoggle, Danny Trejo, sinar, ray Liotta, and Jemaine Clement are in this movie.
6. Does the gulag chef look familiar? That's because that's malaikat Marie.
7. Forgotten Muppets Tonight characters make background cameos during the wedding. They're barely noticeable and it would require somebody quick enough to pause it to name them all off. Recognize that blonde pantai beauty? That's Spamela Hamderson, this time without her pantai clothes. And how about that fat bald one? That's Howard Tubman. He appears for a brief second.
An additional inside joke is Danny Trejo playing a fictional version of himself.link