Opening credits were awesome
Q1 Favourite entrance in the movie?

Q2 Favourite character in the film?

Q3 Favourite song in the movie?

Q4 Favourite romantic moment ?

Q5 Favourite sidekick?

Q6 Did I like Ursula?

Q7 Favourite family scene?

Q8 Favourite Ariel & Eric kiss?

Q9 Did I like the ending


Q1 I actually liked the opening credits to the movie as its so mesmerizing and I liked Ariel’s introduction when we see her character for the first time.

Q2. I have to go with Ariel because she’s so spunky and cheerful and very optimistic. Quite frankly I like how she sacrifices her life to be with the man she loves.

Q3 I cinta the Part of your world song hands down I could sing that song in my head 24/7. Jodi Benson is amazing as always.

Q4. I like the part where Ariel & Eric are on the perahu and they were about to kiss.

Q5 Sebastian hands down his hilarious.

Q6 Yeah I thought she was a good villian.

Q7 I cinta the part where Triton turns Ariel into a human it gets to me every time T:T.

Q8 I cinta the one where they get married and anda see the camera shoved right on their faces as the ending credits roll.

Q9 Yes I did its so heartwarming and cute.

Sebastian without a doubt is the best sidekick ever.
I cinta Ariel as I cinta putri duyung
Ursula was a great baddie
The part where Trition turns ariel into a human as he gives her legs
Loved this ciuman scene