Here is fan fiction that I wrote myself . Enjoy.

Ariel was longing to fall in cinta with someone she would marry. Her father the king Triton didn’t want her to go to the human world as they were barbarians. One night as Ariel was bernyanyi about longing to be part of the human world with her best friend menggelepar she heard a ship. ‘What if anda suppose’ Ariel berkata to Flounder. Sebastian was here at the time and he didn’t want Ariel to go up there. Of course she did and she swam up to the puncak, atas of the surface. As she went up to the surface she saw a huge shipwreck and she started to laugh. Sebastian & menggelepar swam up to her and Sebastian berkata to her.’ Jumping jollyfish’. Ariel didn’t listen to him and so she swam to the ship. As she got closer to the ship she heard some musik and she looked inside the ship. A whole bunch of sailors were there and one of them caught Ariel’s eye. He was handsome, dreamy and he was a real charming young man. ‘Eric’ berkata one of the men who was there at the party. ‘We have brought anda something for your 18th birthday’ berkata the man who’s name was Grimsby.’Oh Grimsby anda shouldn’t have’ berkata Eric. As Grimsby showed Eric the surpirse,he wasn’t impressed. ‘Ah its really something’ berkata Eric. As they were talking about romance, Eric wanted to find someone who he would cinta despite the fact that he never found her yet. Meanwhile Ariel over heard the conversation and she was beginning to fall in love.

Her jantung was beating like crazy as she was with Scuttle who came oleh and wanted to know what she was up to. Suddenly a huge gush of wind and thunder approached and the sailors had to try and stop the ship from overturning. As it was beginning to become lebih stronger ,some of the sailors fell overboard and the rest got a small perahu and used it for safety. When the rest of the sailors including Eric,he forgot his dog Max and decided to go for him. As Eric was swimming in the stormy waves he got to the perahu ,got Max. But suddenly his foot got caught on the shipping board and the gas from the ship exploded. Ariel was there at the time and she was looking for Eric. She soon found him unconscious and brought him out to dry land. The selanjutnya hari and Eric was still unconscious and Ariel was oleh his side on dry land. Scuttle was there too and he checked for a heartbeat, but instead he thought that he could hear a beat on his foot. As Eric started to breath again, Ariel was over the moon and she began to sing to him. With her beautiful hair covering Eric as she was bernyanyi to him, he began to open up his eyes and he saw Ariel. His face lit up with excitement and Ariel quickly went off . Grimsby and Max spotted him and they lifted him up. Eric was bewitched oleh Ariel and he told Grimsby about her. As Ariel heard the conversation while she was sitting on a rock she sang Part of your world again.

Meanwhile an evil sea witch named Ursula was plotting something very bad and that same hari Ariel was all optimistic and humming a song as she was in love. A few days later Trition decided to check out Ariel’s hiding place and when she told him that she was in cinta with someone she barley even knows he got furious and destroyed everything. Ariel was so upset she told Sebastian and menggelepar to go away. The sea witch’s two eels Flotsom and Jetsom saw Ariel and they brought her to the sea witch.

While she was their she made a bargain to Ariel to become a human for 3 days ‘Can anda do that’ Ariel berkata to Ursula. Ursula looked at her as if she had something terribly bad for the mermaid. ‘my dear that is what I do, its what I live for’ Ursula berkata to Ariel. As Ursula was planning the potions for Ariel she sang Poor Unfortunate souls. As Ariel saw the rest of the people who bargained a deal with the evil sea witch. Ariel was frightened. Sebastian & menggelepar followed Ariel to the Sea Witch lair and Sebastian felt bad about telling Ariel’s father. Ursula asked Ariel for her voice. And Ariel was a bit worried.’ My voice’ she berkata to the sea witch.’ Yes’ Ursula berkata to Ariel.’ But without my voice how can I ?’ Ariel berkata as Ursula interrupted her. As she was finishing off the spell. As Ursula told Ariel to sing to the shadows, she did and suddenly her voice was gone. She grabbed her hands at her throat as if to say Oh No my voice. Suddenly Ursula let out an evil laugh and Ariel was turned into a human. Her fins were cut right off her and they turned into legs. Ariel couldn’t breath in the water, Sebastian & menggelepar came to the rescue and brought her to the sea. As Ariel was struggling with life being a human, she looked at her feet and started to smile. Scuttle saw her and was trying to figure out what was wrong with Ariel. Sebastian couldn’t control his anxieties he told Scuttle that she has got legs. Sebastian was so angry he marched right down to see the King but Ariel stopped him. He then decided to stay and help Ariel out with finding her one true love. Eric’s dog Max heard something and he went off. Eric followed him to see what the noise was. As Ariel who wore a old sack tied with green seaweed ,Eric’s dog Max barked at her and she ran up to the rock. Eric spotted the mysterious girl and asked who she was. She tried her best to talk but couldn’t. Eric then brought her back to his kastil, castle where she could stay for the night. The first night Ariel was in the bath looking at her reflection in the bubbles and she went to makan malam with Eric and Grimsby before Ariel came oleh Eric told Grimsby that he was going to find the girl with the beautiful bernyanyi voice and he was going to marry her. Suddenly a woman told Ariel to not be shy and she came out with a beautiful berwarna merah muda, merah muda dress. ’You look wonderful’ Eric berkata to Ariel as he was amazed at her beautiful appearance. She got all shy and started to smile as if to say why thank anda Eric, so do you’. Grimsby asked the maid that brought Ariel to the dining room what was on for dinner. And she told him Stuffed crab. Sebastian meanwhile was in the dapur and a cranky French waiter was doing the dinner. He was serving Eric, Grimsby and Ariel Stuffed crab. Sebastian was in Grimsby’s makan malam and Ariel quickly told him in her own body language to come over to her plate quick. She then closed it quickly and had her hand on her face as if she was amused at Eric.’ So would anda like to gabung me on a tour to my kingdom tomorrow‘ berkata Eric to Ariel. That night Ariel & Eric berkata goodnight to each other oleh waving out and Ariel went to sleep. The selanjutnya hari Ariel & Eric went off to explore Denmark. Ariel was amazed oleh the human world she started dancing with Eric and giving a go at the horse ride with Eric as well. That same hari they were out on a perahu and Sebastian decided to sing ciuman the Girl. Eric was enchanted oleh Ariel he was wondering what her name was,’ is it Diana,Rachel,Mildred’ Eric asked Ariel who hated those names.’ Ariel her name is Ariel’ berkata Sebastian who got annoyed at Eric who was calling Ariel the wrong name. Her face lit up and she shook her head. ‘Ariel, that’s kind of pretty ok Ariel’ Eric berkata to Ariel as he was looking at her wide blue eyes. Meanwhile Ursula didn’t like the idea of Ariel being with Eric she disguised herself as Vanessa and she found Eric and she enchanted him with Ariel’s bernyanyi voice while he was playing the flute. The selanjutnya hari arrived and Scuttle congratulated Ariel as if she was getting married to Eric. Ariel was so happy she kissed Sebastian and ran down the stairs little did she realise that he was with another woman. Upset and heartbroken she went off back to he room and cried. The wedding approached and Ariel was very hurt. Her eyes were filled with tears and Sebastian felt upset too and Flounder. As Scuttle was flying around he met Vanessa who was really Ursula. He warned Ariel that it was Ursula and they went to stop the wedding. Eventually they did and Ariel got her voice back as Max bit Vanessa’s backside. Eric was over the moon he tried to ciuman Ariel but it was too late. Ursula grabbed Ariel and brought her back to sea. Trition came oleh and told Ursula to let his daughter go. Eric meanwhile grabbed a perahu and told Grimsby that he may have lost Ariel and he is not going to let her go again.
Back in the ocean and Ursula told Triton about the deal Ariel agreed with in order to become human. Triton then decided to change the deal over to him and he did. Ursula grabbed Triton’s crown and his stick and she got bigger. Ariel saw Eric and she went up to the surface with him. He told her that he wasn’t going to leave her again and Ursula came out of nowhere. As Eric was protecting Ariel a huge gush of wind approached and Eric was swept away. Lucky enough he saw his old ship grabbed onto it and sailed it to where Ursula was. He stabbed her with the old timber on the ship and she died. Everyone was back to normal and as Triton learned that his daughter was in cinta with a human, he decided to change her into one. She was so happy, Eric woke up as he was unconscious and he lifted her up in the air and kissed. That same hari Ariel married Eric and they finally shared True Love’s kiss