I think everyone who has seen "The Lion King" and "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" film can agree that "The Lion Guard" doesn't do
a very good job with fitting in there. I have only seen all of "The Return of the Roar" and several clips from some other episodes. But that's enough to conclude that this TV tampil fails miserably as a Lion King series. I'm sure the majority of my fellow Millenials from this fanbase agree with me, but I know there are Lion King fan who nonetheless enjoy and cinta this new series. fan who don't think it sucks. Good for you, guys, if anda can find something to enjoy in it. anda manage to be much happier than the rest of us. So, I respect your opinion and feelings but allow me to explain why I think this tampil sucks. And what that big fat 'but' in the judul is all about.

"The Lion Guard" adds magical superpowers and mythos that doesn't fit in the world of those first two films. In "The Lion King" and "The Lion King 2" the only magic that happened was Rafiki being able to summon Mufasa's spirit and talk to that spirit. It was spiritual and very specific kind of magic and the only character who was able to practice it was Rafiki who clearly was the equivalent of a shaman in a human tribe. But "The Lion Guard" suddenly introduced a full-blown magical roar ability that has been passed down for generations and that makes the Earth shake and characters fly miles away and so on. Linked to a magical "tattoo" type of symbol on the bulu coat. That's ridiculous and so not the way The Lion King universe originally was meant to be like. This superpower addition took away maturity and timeless depth from The Lion King universe.

Also, in this TV tampil a spirit doesn't need to be summoned anymore. Kion is able to see and talk to his grandfather Mufasa just about any time he pleases. Mufasa just pops up in the sky. What the hell?!

Also, Kion seems to be some sort of a lion version of Superman. There's a scene where he is a cub approximately the same size as cub Simba was in "The Lion King", but managed to neck-punch Nuka - a lion at least three times his size - several meters away from him and apparently almost knocking Nuka unconscious. And he did that with little to no effort. Oh, and apparently he had also pinned Nuka down earlier. How the *beep* does that cub defy the laws of physics? I mean, note that we're not talking about his magical roar now but about his body and size.

Then there's characterisations of old characters that are messed up big time. In example, Zira. She behaves downright politely, and even helps Kion to explore the extend of the magical roar's powers. Sure she's still a villain but her personality is almost nothing like the Zira in the movie though during the time period of this show, in the TLK2 movie, she was raging and bitterly plotting the death of Simba. Forget the rage, too. In this TV tampil Zira gently tells Nuka to "play nice". She's portrayed as an actual motherly person whom Nuka is somewhat afraid of simply because she's his mom and he doesn't want to get caught misbehaving. Whereas in The Lion King 2" movie she was intimidating all of her children and especially Nuka and Kovu were deeply afraid of her because she was a psychotic bitch. I'm sure toddlers were and are watching "The Lion King 2". Why did Zira have to be watered-down like that?

And then there's the fact that Kion ever entered the Outlands to boss Zira around in the first place, when the Lion Guard was supposed to guard the Pridelands and not the area around it. And why does the honeybadger know lebih about the magic roar than the boy who actually has the roar? You'd think that Simba would have told Kion all about the roar as the very first thing upon finding out that the boy had it!

I'm sure there are boatloads of other contradictions and f-ups, those are just a few I was able to observe based on the little I've seen of the show.

Then there's the matter of animation. I didn't expect the same quality as the first two film have because this is only a TV show, but I almost felt like weeping when I viewed the clips. The Lion Guard's drawings are so harsh and flat. And the animasi is...Well, it's not bad as is, except for the walk cycles and jumping/leaping animations which are quite far from professional level. I think it all would be passable if this was just a acak original animated series. But for a disney tampil and especially for a Lion King series it's very distracting.

I would have expected lebih from a Disney produced animated series when it comes to the visual side of it. Especially when that series is supposed to link to The Lion King and The Lion King 2. I saw the clips but I still can't believe how lazy and clumsy the drawing and animasi is! It's like watching a mini-death of The Lion King movie's animasi simply because this show's is sooooo bad in comparison! I know, I know, it doesn't really take away from the majestic, award-worthy animasi and drawings of the first film but it feels like it kinda does. And I know the TV tampil division (which also made The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride) doesn't get the same budgets as the theatrical movie creatng division and I've heard their budgets are smaller now than they were in the '90s. But this is The Lion King related - you'd think they would have granted this project a proper budget! Especially as it's supposed to be a 20th anniversary thing!

I can't believe The Walt disney Company cares this little about one of its biggest and most beloved classics of all time. I mean, even in general but especially when making something that is supposed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of berkata film. I don't even understand why they decided to produce a celebration through disney Junior as in aim it at just very little kids. I'm not saying that adults couldn't atau shouldn't enjoy this TV show, just that it's clearly targetted at very little kids and most likely to appeal to that target group. But "The Lion King" was a HUGE hit of a family film that had tons to enjoy for people of all ages and ended up being based on one of the most famous adult plays of all time - (Shakespeare's Hamlet) - as well as on some Biblical stories.

It was a film that gained life-long fans, especially from us '80s and '90s kids, who are now grown up and learned to appreciate the adult aspects of the film along with our parents and are currently also nostalgic about our childhoods. Another, seriously made movie like "The Lion King 2" is, would have served much, much better as a celebration as well as been lebih logical path to take for a celebration. As well as been much better in terms of making financial profit. Because The Lion Guard is NOTHING like the thing it's supposed to celebrate and thus does not appeal to most of its original fanbase. Add to that all those major fails in the story-continuity matters.

What were they thinking?!


There are two things that make me appreciate the existence of this show. As much as I do wish it was executed with lebih passion and respect towards the original film and its older fans, there are two things in this tampil that nonetheless serve the fandom well.

1.) Kion

---> As stupid and unfitting as the character's execution is, his creation oleh The Walt disney Company and existence itself packs an extra meninju, pukulan against the frustratingly stubborn Kopa believers.

2.) Zira's story.

---> In one of the episodes of "The Lion Guard" Rafiki explains that Zira and the other Outlanders were exiled because they were loyal only to Scar and claimed Scar as the rightful king...and because she attacked SImba who voiced his disagreement. I personally would have preferred no attack on the king but simply the siding with Scar. But THANK GAWD there is now an official disney explanation for the exile.

Because it should finally put an end to the nonsensical fanfiction theory about murdered/kidnapped Kopa as the reason for the exile - and above all to the Kopa fans' habit of parading that purely fanfiction theory as "official" and "what really happened". Not all Kopa fan are doing that, but oh so many are while there are also some too trusting people who are not Kopa fan but just believe them.

Of course, Zira's story from "The Lion Guard" is not canon to "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" because that movie's creators are not the creators of this TV show. But nonetheless that explanation is from The Walt disney Company and thus the official and most canonical there can be without the TLK2's creators coming meneruskan, ke depan to give their own. And thus there is no longer any room for anyone who has sense in their head, to believe that there was someone named Kopa who got murdered, kidnapped, atau anything. I mean, there hasn't really been since 1998 when the cub was publicly and officially confirmed as Kiara...but it obviously wasn't enough for countless fans. Perhaps this full-blown official explanation for the exile, is?

..........Though I'm sure there'll still be some die-hard Kopa pasangan who refuse to acknowledge any facts that don't support their personal preferences. But Kion and "The Lion Guard"'s existence give me hope that at least some come to their senses and this fandom can finally start a less conspiracy-theory ridden era.

"The Lion Guard" , fortunately, is only a spin-off TV tampil - an alternate universe, while the cub at the end of the first film continues being Kiara when only the first two films combined are regarded. But the fact that "The Lion Guard" and Kion are official The Walt disney Company creations and link to the film - has thus provided an actual official male cub option in the animated format for those who refuse to accept that the cub is Kiara. Thus, hopefully, managing to finally silence a few of the craziest and most stubborn fan theories out there. (Which I really wouldn't have ever minded if they weren't thrown around as if they were canon/official. I have a passion for the actual canon/official story-line and hate it when it is lied about.)

atau maybe this tampil just gives birth to a bunch of whole new crazy fan theories and the other facts keep getting ignored...Time will show. But I'm prone to optimism.