Remember who anda are!
Hi guys, I will be doing another comparison between 2 movies. Only this time, it is the Lion King and Titanic. Two highest grossing films of our generations!

The Lion King

This was the very first movie that I watched and I cinta all of the songs. However, the story is based on Shakespeare's Hamlet: Prince of Denmark. Unlike the latter, Mufasa's death is really graphic that I feel disturbed about it and hearing Mufasa's scream down to his death if I were in Simba's place!
Scar is portrayed as a paranoid psychopath, whenever somebody mention his dead brother. He will flies into rage! In fact, he reminds me of Caledon Hockley in Titanic. I will be talking about that later, Simba is of course a carbon copy of Hamlet, and he also sees his dad's spirit later in the movie. It was a very motivational and moving scene that I cried my jantung out!
Unlike The Lion King, Hamlet has a sad ending in which the judul character dies after he fights with his uncle. Before this, he tells Horatio to fulfill his responsibilities as King of Denmark and rule the country peacefully.


While watching this again, the film reminds me of West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet. This is because a poor guy was in a relationship with a rich girl, unfortunately Rose's mother disapproves because she sets up Rose with Cal for money and for her own personal gains.
Okay, as promised when I berkata that Scar reminds me of Caledon, is that when the ship sank. The latter reviews his true nature of being a psychopath when he attempts to kill Jack! His jealousy made him that way, so that's why Caledon and Scar are equal, especially in personality and their motives!
Speaking of Jack, he is a combination of Tony and Romeo. Mainly because they were being ridiculed, especially Tony and Jack during the Rumble and the ship was sinking respectively.
Finally, the ending when Jack dies it reminds me of the ending of West Side Story. Due to the fact that Tony died, unlike the latter, Jack died of Hypothermia while Tony was slain oleh Chino. But in the end, Rose's spirit reunites with Jack and all those whose lives were perished.

Shakespearean Mood

So, if you're a Shakespearean fan, anda will notice the similarities in these movies.
Nothing on Earth Could Ever Come Between Them!