The King has Returned.
Hi guys, since my Beauty and the Beast: Film vs Musical made it on the front page. Now, it's the Lion King's turn to write about, since I only got the movie soundtrack version. I will also write the musical version too.

The Movie Version

Okay, I grew up with this movie since my childhood days, I cinta the song and got the soundtrack for the film. My favourite score is 'Under the Stars', because the musik is soothing before gradually becoming lebih inspirational, African style!
I cinta the story very much as it introduces me about African culture, that I had always wanted to go to South Africa one day. It also teaches me about leaving the past behind!

The Musical Version

While the story-line remains the same, there are some additional songs that I really cinta and they are They Live in anda and Endless Night. The former was in the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride as it's intro, what a great way for a movie introduction!
Endless Night is a very sad song, but one of the most excitable moments was Scar vs Simba till it leads to the dramatic ending. I really want to see this musical live so badly, maybe either on Broadway, West End atau when they're doing an Asian Tour.

They Live in You!

So there anda have it, the differences in the both the stage and the movie version, enjoy membaca them and watch the tampil too!
I wish I could see this musical one day!