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Babygirl191 posted on Jul 21, 2010 at 01:33AM
me and joe descied to go to the mall to pick up something from babys r us and we had to pick up a diperdisper and i was nine mounths pregant and as we were walking out of t he store i felt something run down my leg and i looked down and said"joseph my water just broke we need to get to the hospital now" and the n joe turned around and said"okay i will call the doctor and tell him we are on our way " and then when we got to the hospital the doctor was already outside waiting for me and then they rushed me to labor and delievery room and then joe step out into the hall and called his mom and dad and after he did that he came back in and said "i just called mom and dad and let them know that you are in labor and they are on their way to the hospital " and isaid "okay the only people i want in here with me when i give birth to our daughter is u and your mom and thats is okay"and then i heard a knock on the door and isaid "comeonindensie" and then denise came in and said"how are u feeling sweetie"? and i said "i am doing great uh uh joe go get the doctor now" and then joe came back in and the doctor put on gloves andchecked me and said "u are full dailed so get ready to push" and then i pushed and pushed , pushed until i heard a crying babygirl and joasked "what is her name going to be?" and i said"her name is darlene rebeccca lynn jonas" and she weighted 8lbs 7oz and 11.2 in long and the nthe doctor handed ther baby to joe and joestrated to cry and said"welcome to the world our beautiful babygirl" and then after a night in the hospital me and the baby went home to find the papparzzi at our home and they asked questions and we rushed inside and the baby strated to cry and i made a quick bottle and fed her and she fell a sleep and i took her up stairs and put her in her crib and said"have a sweet nap my little butterfly" and then i closed the door half way and went down stairs and sat down and then my phone viberated and it was miley and ipicked it up and said"hey sis what can i do for u on this fine afternoon?" and then miley said"well i want to say congraulations on your babygirl and how are u feeling? are u up to visits from friends?" and i said "thats okay u can come over and see the baby" and then miley said "i will be their in ten mintues okay bye" and then i hung up my phone and then i heard a knock on the door i went to the door and it wasmiley and i said " come upstairs with me she's in her crib" and then we wne tup stairs and i opened the door to find darlene crying and i picked her up and said " oh whats wrong honey are the paparazzi making tomuch nosie don't worry mommy will take care of them" and then me, miley and darlene and the n i handed darlene to joe and went outside and told the paparazzi "hey guys u are scarying my baby and u need to live now or iam calling the cops" and the none of the paparzzi said"go a head and call the cops we are not living unitl we get a pic of your babygirl" and i said "no u will not get a pic of my daughter and now i am calling the cops" and the n ipulled out my phone and called the cops and then i hunged up and i said "the police areon their way and now here they are" and then the cops showed up andsaid "mam what seems to be theproblem here tonight"? and i said "the paparzzi won't leave and it is scarying my baby and they won't leave unitl they got a pic of my baby and isaid no u are not going to get a pic of my daughter and isaid i would call the police and they have been here since i got home about ten min ago from the hospital" and then one of the officers said "first off congats and we will get these paparazzis off of your property" and i said"thank u officers and thank u" and the none of the officers said "your welcome ms joans and my name is officer zachary matthews mam " and i said" nice to met u officer zachary matthews my name is marissa jonas but u can all me marissa" and the nhe said "this is my patner officerjeramiah jones" and i said"nice to met u officer my name is marissa jonas' well officers i am going inside now my baby is crying and she needs to be fed so have a nice day officers " and then i went insid e and closed the door and fed darlene and put her back into her crib and me and joe crawled into bed and fell a sleep, the end

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