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I got this book! :D
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This The House of Anubis foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun. There might also be kaset tape and kaset.

posted by stellamusa101
KT : Okay! That's it! This place is haunted! *runs away*
Willow : KT! Wait! anda don't understand! You're just imagining thing! KT! *chases KT*
Nina : Wow, KT is so weird.
Fabian : So, about our dream--
Nina : Just a nightmare.
Joy : But--
Nina : Listen to me! Just A NIGHTMARE!!
Eddie : *sits*
Patricia : *sits* So, what are anda guys talking about?
Fabian : Me and Joy got the same nightmare.
Eddie : Which --
Nina : I gotta go. *walks away*
Eddie : So, which one?
Joy : Nina bites our shoulder in the dream, the weird thing is *unfolds her sleeves* the bite looks real. See?
Patricia : Hey! Me and Eddie got that...
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thsi video is one of my favorit songs! this song is really good for joy.
rolling in the deep
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posted by stellamusa101
Eddie : Okay..
Patricia : Maybe it is just an ordinary dream.
Eddie : Wait.. we hate each other!
Patricia : You.. get out slime ball!
Eddie : No, anda get out!
KT : *walks to Eddie* Hey, Eddie.
Patricia : KT, get out.
Eddie : No! Pat, anda get out.
Patricia : Excuse me?
KT : anda heard him. Go.
Patricia : *takes a jug of jeruk, orange jus and pours it on KT's head* There.
Willow : *sits selanjutnya to KT* Huh!
Patricia : She deserves it. *walks away*
Fabian : *sits* Hey.
Joy : *sits* Hey, Fabes.
Fabian : Hi. Do you-- *Joy kisses him*
Nina : Fabian! What are you-- *runs away*

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