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This The House of Anubis wallpaper might contain pakaian serdadu resimen and regimentals.

posted by beleieber4life
The new season of House of Anubis is airing on
Monday January 9! I'm so excited to see it. What
mysteries do anda think they'll uncover? Any
I personally am excited to see the romance
between Nina and Fabian, Amber and Alfie, And
Jerome and Mara. I wonder what Victor has up his sleeve. Is it just me atau does anyone else find it creepy that he talks to a stuffed bird?
I've seen the preveiws and all I know is that Nina has to walk in between swinging blade things. That's it. If anda have link for trailers atau sneak peeks atau anything I would really like it if anda sent me a link atau komentar and told me where to look atau something along the lines of letting me know...
Please leave comments...
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Source: I found this on a HOA blog but it was in Polish,I don't own this
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#8Mick: Cause he gets angry at the slightest thing and he can't choose a friggin girl COME ON MAN!!

#7Jerome Its not that I don't like him its because I have different and better favourites. But I don't know why?

#6 Alfie he is funny but can get quite annoying sometimes.

#5 Mara The smart one. But mick can be so hard on her and treat her like total crap.

4# Fabian So shy and he should ask Nina but everyone keeps stopping him ask her!

#3 Amber I like her because she is the dumb blonde.

#2 Nina She is smart and caring.

and finally

#1 Patricia I like her because her attitude is rude and she is only angry because she has lost her friend and she is worried about her and I cinta her streaks!
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