Nina Martin, one of the Sibuna members, has a big secret which no one knows. Not even she herself!
Nina is walking around the corridor, finding Fabian, her ideal boyfriend. She's not just walking around the corridor, she's also finding the cup of Ank (because she lost it!). "Nina! Nina!" calls out Amber from behind. She walks to Nina. "Nina!"
"Yes?" asks Nina who turns to her friend. "Patricia found something!" tells Amber. Nina whispers, "Is it the cup? I lost it!" "No silly! Come on!" shouted Amber. "hold out your wrist," Nina holds out her wrist. Amber holds Nina's wrist and they ran to Patricia's room.
"Nina, you're here," greets Alfie when both Amber and Nina entered the room. "So there's a Sibuna meeting?" asks Nina. "Yes!" jawaban Fabian. Patricia showed a book. "This book is the connections," tells Patricia. "What connections - exactly?" asks Nina as she and Amber sits down. "Victor's family tree." jawaban Joy and smiles.
"So open it!" says the impatient Amber. "Sibuna!" They all put their left hands on their left eyes. They take it down. "So?" asks Jerome who just entered. "Get ready! Bone-chilling-bone-thrilling!" says Patricia and she opens the book.
There's a picture of Victor, Sara, an old woman, and old man, and others.. and Senkara! "Senkara?" asks Fabian. Then, there's a picture of......... Nina!
"Nina?" asks Joy. "Aah!!!!" screams Amber. "This isn't possible! I don't even ---" "Shut it!" cuts Joy. "Joy, what's the matter?" asks Patricia when Joy stands up. "I've been thinking this whole time! anda came along when I was taken oleh Victor! And I can't believe you're one of his daughter (s)!" shouts Joy.
"Joy! Wait! This all is a big misunderstanding! And ---" Nina began to cry as she sees a picture of her grandma. She opens the door and walks away. "Joy! That was so cruel of you! She doesn't even ---" "Guys! We need to kick her out of this Sibuna club," cuts Fabian. "I agree!" says Mara and Joy.