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Found this on link

Name: Jason
Gender: Male
Age: Fifteen, Sixteen? Fifteen, I think

About me: I’d cinta to tell anda but right now, not only do I not know who my friends are, I don’t even know who I am

Looks: Blue eyes, close-cropped hair

Distinguishing features: Scar on upper lip, tattoo on the inside of right forearm which looks like a bar code, and over that an eagle with the letters spqr

Likes: Heights

Hates: Mean kids, having no memory, Storm Spirits

Secret weapon: A lingkaran of emas the size of a half-dollar, but lebih uneven and thicker

Special powers: According to Coach Hedge, I’ve got a powerful...
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Absolutely all rights to Rick Riordan! Everything is his! And seriously, buy the book. You’d be crazy if anda don’t. It is soooo AWESOME! :D



The snake-haired ladies were starting to annoy Percy.

They should have died three days yang lalu when he dropped a peti kayu, peti of bowling balls on them at the Napa Bargain Mart. They should have died two days yang lalu when he ran over them with a police car in Martinez. They definitely should have died this morning when he cut off their heads in Tilden Park.
No matter how many times Percy killed them and watched them crumble to powder, they just kept re-forming...
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Title: buku and Half-Bloods
Rating: C (the characters snap at each other and have goes, but not much)
Type: Adventure, hopefully humour, a bit of romance…
Characters: Piper McLean, Jason and thalia Grace, Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Connor and Travis Stoll, Chiron, Grover Underwood, Tyson and Clovis
Synopsis: What happens when the PJO characters get only a brief synopsis of the Son of Neptune and during the scramble for more, find out how much they can actually find a bizzare way of keeping connected?
Disclaimer: If I was RR these guys would be membaca the whole thing, not chapter 1.
A/N: To...
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What have I done?
A Piper One-Shot

Piper was devastated when Jason told her what had happened.
"Piper," he berkata meekly, almost afraid to be heard. "We need to talk."
When she heard this she had to almost stop herself from running away, she knew this couldn't be good.
Jason grabbed Piper's hand and pulled her closer, now they were in talking distance, not an arms length apart. Jason been trying to keep her away since the quest, almost pushing her back. What was going on with him?
"It's about my...old life." Jason berkata the words like he was sad to be in a place like Camp Half-Blood. Did the memories...
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Art oleh Viria from Tumblr If this makes anda cry, let me just say I am SO sorry for what I've done. This gave me major Fangirl feels and I think it may do the same for you. ......sorry.......
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