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Matthew-Dickens posted on Jan 19, 2011 at 01:34AM
Hello, Batman fans

As a professional writer for the last seventeen years, and as a fan of Batman since childhood, here is what I think the writers will do with the script.

Many probably know that Kate Mara auditioned for the role of Talia al-Ghul. I personally believe, as do many others, tha Nolan will bring Catwoman into the mix, and perhaps Lady Shiva. Hugo Strange is also a possibility. I also believe they will bring Ra's back by introducing the Lazarus Pit, which Liam Neeson hinted at near the end of "Batman Begins" when he mentioned the possibility of his supernatural past. Also, in the second movie Batman travels to Asia. That set the stage to reveal who turned the Joker loose. Ra's did, of course, which is clear when Arkham was breached in the first movie.

I also believe Batman will be killed in this movie, and then resurrected before the credits role. Talia will place him in the Lazarus Pit and we will see Bruce rise from the vat of chemicals, clamping his hand down on the cape and cowl lying nearby. Nolan has always been inspired by Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns", and this scenario would give him a chance to pay homage to that story with his own variation of its ending.

If I'm wrong, it will probably still be a good movie.

Matthew Dickens

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu LanNguyen said…
big smile
"I also believe Batman will be killed in this movie"

as it says, The Legend Ends!!
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