Pull back...aim...fire!*twang...thud* the black beast fell to the ground. "Ha! And anda thought anda were invincible. I, Lucy Pevensie, swear on Aslan's mane that no beast of the White Witch shall ever get past me!"
"Lucy, look out!" Edmund called. She swung around, with her sword in the air and chopped the fuzzy beast's head off. "Ha! Take that! And tha-"

The door opened,and Alanna's big brother, Jacob walked in. The door shut and Alanna whirled around, and dropped the pool noodle. "Are anda still playing that stupid game?"
"It is NOT stupid!" Alanna stomped her foot
"Yes, it is! Narnia isn't real!"
"How dare anda say that!" she shouted. "Narnia IS real!"she said, sounding kind of hurt. Her brother noticed this, but decided to keep on going. "What makes anda think Narnia is real?" he asked,, his voice a lot softer than the other times.
"Because I've been there," came the answer, that was barely a whisper.
"What? Nonsense!"
"But it's true!" Alanna insisted.
"Fine," Jacob said. "How do I get there?"
"You can't."
"Why not?" oleh this time, Jacob was becoming impatient and angry. Alanna sensed this and took a few steps back.
"Because anda have no imagination." This simple response left Jacob standing there, not sure what to think atau do. "So, in other words, it's not real."
"It is. If anda had an imagination, anda could see what I meant." Jacob was shocked oleh the gentleness in her voice. "Try it Jacob. You've read the books. Try. Close your eyes and imagine the land of Narnia."

Jacob was so blown away oleh how gentle her voice was, that he tried it. he closed his eyes and imagined. He was Peter, riding a horse into battle. Timid, yet willing to risk it for his cinta of Narnia. Battling the White Witch. Seeing Aslan leap over and save him from death. He opened his eyes.
"Well?" asked Alanna.
"Wow...it's amazing! Let's go there together, Lucy!" Alanna smiled at this and responded "Oh, yes! Let's, Peter!" They joined hands and stepped into the wonderful world of Narnia.