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 The Trouble with Uncle Harry!
The Trouble with Uncle Harry!
"He pretended to be our uncle!", growled Alvin. "He pretended to be Santa Claus!",cried Theodore. "He tried to break us up!",hissed Simon. "He tied to cheat us!", the Chipettes berkata in unison.
These are a few words from a story I wrote called: The Trouble with Uncle Harry! Life has finally caught up with the old rouge. gabung him in his journey of regrets, reflection, and redemption.
I picked this character for a story because I wanted to write about giving a loser a detik chance at life. All your favorit chipmunks, Chipettes,Grandpa Chipmunk, and Vinny are in this story. If anda want to read it. Just Google- The Trouble with Uncle Harry! It will surprise some of you! anda will be rooting for the old loser turned hero. As he starts off to find his big brother; and discovers a great secret!
 Vinny stars in this bajing tanah, chipmunk Saga!
Vinny stars in this Chipmunk Saga!
I hated it. They made simon... not... simon. Alvin was too nice, Dave was-well-okay. Idk, there's just something about this movie that makes me want to blow chunks. I mean, it was okay... i guess.
And now, they're going to make a new movie, a sequel, that features the chipettes. I'm just not sure if i really am going to go see it atau if i'll even be able to sit through the first 15 minutes! I hope they don't screw it up. I mean, i cinta Ross Bagdasarian and Janice Karman, but i'm not so sure about the new stuff.
May the hell begin.