howard is in the dapur eating a bowl of crunch berrys. burnadet
walks in say "good morrning" and opens the frige. when she does everythink falls out and she says "howard we do need tho start eating this food"
"there is only one person in the wourld that coul eat all that food...mum...but know...lets have everyone over" berkata howard
"really have everyone over to eat...*looking for food* string chease" berkata burnadet
"ok...lets have everyone over for...puding" berkata howard
"reslly?" berkata burnadet
"whats in the freever?" berkata howard
he opens the freever and in comes poring out.
so... ill call everyone" berkata burnadet

*the selanjutnya day*
howard and burnadet are in the dapur making makan malam while everyone else is in the living room. burnadet sees a racoon.
"is that a racoon" she berkata
oh yah... well go get rid of it" berkata howard .
burnadet went to get rid of it and when she came back she saw howard witth a api extinguisher puting out a api in the oven.
"so mcdouled" berkata howard as burnadet leaves the room

*on the way mcdonould*
"so lets go over the plan again" berkata burnadet
"ok...we go to mcdonould pick up a take out bring it back say we made it" berkata howard

"it's closed" berkata howard
"kfc" berkata

*on the way to kfc*
"road works" berkata burnadet
"I'll tell everyone to go home" berkata howard