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This The All-American Rejects foto contains potret, headshot, closeup, kulit, skintone, nude berwarna, sebagian ketelanjangan, ketelanjangan tersirat, telanjang ketelanjangan berwarna, and parsial. There might also be six pack, abs, ab crack, perut rata, 6 pack abs, and ab retak.

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''Girl Of My Dreams''

Beautiful anda are
Yeah, anda I choose
I look to the stars
For a girl like you
And what I lost I have found
And, yeah, we'll wait around
For the girl that is you

Maybe a chance
I could have with her
We shared a glance
At least I thought we were
And what I have lost I have found
And, yeah, we'll wait around
For the girl that is you

You make my jantung skip, but how?
I'm scared
What do I do now

I wanna go out
I'm stuck here all alone
I gotta get out
I'm here all alone
And I'm thinking of you
You're on my mind
I try to talk to you
But anda never give me the time of day

I dream of us
And wake up...
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posted by s3ptamber

Went to tempat tidur with a smile.
Bragged to my friends
for a little while.
And I wished for another date,
to sit with anda dazin'.
I was in this state
of tossing and turning
not knowing what to do.
Just sitting and waiting for
a call from you.
I know that it's real and it's no surprise.
To see that its true I look into your eyes.
Yes, she changed me.
And now I'm not the same.
And I know just how I have a world when she says my name.

Now I see anda every day.
I go out of my way just to see your face
and school with anda isn't the same.
Sleepless nights and our jokes are lame.
I am hoping and dreaming of another...
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posted by floss1
I realy cinta the AAR they're musik is great my favourite song is either gives anda hell atau pindah along i cinta them both.Their songs can be found on youtube, atau spotify ect.If anda want to fine lebih songs threre is also the following:move along, gives anda hell, dirty little secret, ciuman your self goodbye, my paper heart, one lebih sad song and alot more.If i were to give the AAR a rating out of ten it would be ten out of ten :D ok i hav 2 write a longer artikel so if your not currently a fan of the all american rejects they're style of musik is rock/lyric music.
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