televisi If my life was a cartoon, it'd be...

Pick one:
Roadrunner - I'm constantly falling off cliffs and turning into an accordion
The Flintstones - My car has a terrible motor
Family Guy - I have an alcoholic talking dog
The Jetsons - I'm always up on the latest gadgets
Sccoby Doo - I'm a meddling kid
The Simpsons - I've been around for a while, and I'm pretty popular.
Danny Phantom- I never fit
Added by Dark_Silence
South Park- VERY politically incorrect and always talking about freedom of speech
Added by knifewrench
Ren & Stimpy - WHO THE FUCK KNOWS!!!
Pinky and the Brain - I'm constantly trying to take over the world
Added by chel1395
Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Retired detective agency made of fast food
Added by Revenant
Dragon Booster...I own a dragom!
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