televisi from my favourite female characters from the shows I watch/used to watch, which one is your favourite?

Pick one:
kate austen
peyton sawyer {one pohon hill}
maria deluca
lorelai gilmore {gilmore girls}
jen lindley {dawson's creek}
marissa cooper {the oc}
miranda hobbes {sex and the city}
cristina yang {grey's anatomy}
felicity porter
tyra collete {friday night lights}
rachel berry
nora walker {brothers and sisters}
naomi clark
cate cassidy {life unexpected}
charlotte king {private practise}
jessica hamby {true blood}
sara tancredi {prison break}
caroline forbes {the vampire diaries}
donna martin {bevelly hills 90210}
serena mobil van, mobil van, van der woodsen {gossip girl}
chloe sullivan
elliot reid
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