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 Actress Drea King
Actress Drea King
‘Tis the season for a good scare and nothing offers that up quite like a true-crime TV tale. Until now, these shows have delivered reenactments of serial murderers committing hardcore crimes.

Emmy-nominated exec producer Kim Bondi and director Fab Filippo unleash the new series “Bizarre Murders,” which focuses on Fargo-like capers with shocking twists and unusual characters.

Actress Drea King stars as Detective Kerns in the what-were-they-thinking episode All Brawn, No Brains. Kerns is tasked with piecing back together the scattered clues after a gang botches not just one, but many kidnappings...
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Inspired oleh the upbringing of co-executive producer and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards, this series follows an unconventional mom struggling to raise her daughters with the help of her two best friends.
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I cinta TV shows, film just can't compare. That being said, I haven't watched many TV shows, I'm picky and most don't appeal. (No vampires, romance shows for instance, just don't like them, most populer shows fit in those categories, but hey this is my daftar and my opinions, not anyone else's) Currently these are my favorit shows starting with the greatest tampil out there:

1. 24

(9 seasons and TV movie, 2001-2010, 2014)

24 is the best tampil of all time! It's easily #1, none can come even close for me ever! Agent Jack Bauer works for CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) dealing with (terrorists) assassination...
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 Christine Syron
Christine Syron
Most people cinta a classic ‘who-done-it’ type of story. Investigation Discovery (ID) has been playing into that oleh serving up true-crime tragedies with their populer series link

Actress link has appeared in not one, but two episodes of this homicidal re-enactment tampil about friends murdering friends. The most baru saja titled “Band of Brothers,” finds Christine as a single mother faced with the brutal death of her son.

Of course, Christine has done some other stuff, too. She can be seen on the festival circuit right now in the dark comedy “Jesse’s Girl,” and she’s shooting a recurring...
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I cinta the tampil of 24 and I decided to rank the my favorit characters, this time minus spoilers for those who may have not seen the tampil atau may have not seen all of it. Here goes with the first (and obvious) favorit character:

Jack Bauer –

Where in the world do anda start with Jack Bauer? First of all he is the best TV character of all time, barring no one. He suffers tragic loss and extreme pain and torture (as well as inflicting some himself) takes out the bad guys and saves the world from horrific terror attacks, all in 24 hours, time after time! He is very loyal, shows no mercy and looks...
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 Actress Drea King
Actress Drea King
Ever wonder what it’s like to face harrowing confrontations with ghosts and spirits? How would anda react to a terrifying encounter with the supernatural? This is exactly what the populer re-enactment series Paranormal Survivor is all about.

Actress Drea King recently appeared in an all-new episode of the spooky series which airs on Destination America (U.S.) and other networks around the globe.

Previously, Drea has been grabbing attention for her roles in award-winning projects in North American and the U.K., including A New Design, winner of the Bare bones Festival ‘Best Foreign Picture’....
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My favorit brokeback parody ever.
raylan givens
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