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posted by AislingYJ
Okay so I got this idea when I was watching Teen Titans episode 11. This person komentar and their komentar got me thinking, so of course I had to write it down. Song is “From the Inside” oleh Linkin Park. Oh PS there’s a teensy bit of implied slash...>:D

I don't know who to trust, no surprise
Everyone feels so far away from me
Happy thoughts sift through dust and the lies...

He opened one eye in the darkness. One sapphire blue eye. He stared at his reflection in fear. His body was thin, his ribs were jutting out, his dark hair hung limply framing his face. But that wasn’t what scared...
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posted by PuppyLover16
A tear fell silently as she reached out to him. "No… don't go.." Her whisper silently dropped from her mouth as he turned halfway. "What? Do anda want to torment me more? Listen, if anda cinta that guy, its fine with me, really. Go start a life with him. See what I care." He continued to walk away but the grip she had on his arm was hard to get away from. "Robin please..."

"Star… what do anda want…"

"I want-"

"You want what?"

Flash Back

Her long red hair… it's so beautiful against that golden skin. She's so exotic… but in an innocent way because of her eyes… those beautiful eyes…

Why must...
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posted by PuppyLover16
"Azarath, metreon, zinthos..."

The dark and dismal confines of Raven's bedroom near the puncak, atas of Titans Tower were silent, save for the somber chanting of its blue-haired occupant floating a few inches above the center of the room. Her legs crossed, her arms extended, her eyes closed, Raven was currently engaged in deep meditation, undisturbed oleh the chaotic Samsara of the surrounding world.


Samsara, thy name is Starfire.

"Raven, would anda oleh chance happen to have a spare blue cape I could use?"

The loud, friendly voice of the alien girl snapped Raven out of her contemplative state and immediately...
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Scarlet woke up. Everything was so blurry. She just remembered that Slade had slapped her, knocking her out. She got up slowly rising from the roof. She looked below her & saw herself on puncak, atas of a 60-story building. She backed away quickly when she bumped behind someone. She turned around quickly, tampilkan her claws & fangs with venom dripping. She stopped as she looked at the face. He looked so.... familiar. He picked her up slowly & set her down. She saw that her leg was wrapped around many bandages."You shouldn't get up so quickly Scar. anda have a broken leg." the voice replied....
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 Roy Harper as Speedy.
Roy Harper as Speedy.
These are the facts, and I, as a major fan of Speedy, am here to give them to you.

Speedy's real name is Roy Harper.
Roy Harper was raised oleh brave Bow, a Navajo medicine chief after his father, a forest ranger, died in a forest fire.

Under brave Bow's tutelage, Roy became a remarkable archer, and, after brave Bow's death, Roy was adopted oleh Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, and became the Green Arrow's sidekick, "Speedy."

He was diberikan the name after Green panah witnessed Roy's ability to string and api a bow in a matter of seconds, which he did to stop a robbery. GA then yelled while he clapped...
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Is a BBxRae video... With the song, "Shiw me love" oleh TATU
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This is my puncak, atas 15 favourite (Girl) costumes in Teen Titans my opinion.

15.Arella's Primary Outfit

14.Blackfire's Primary Outfit

13.Cheshire's Primary Outfit

12.Terra's Apprentice Outfit

11.Terra's Teen Titan Outfit

10.Starfire's Primary Outfit

9.Terra's School Outfit

8.Starfire's White Dress

7.Argent's Primary Outfit

6.Raven's Primary Outfit

5.Jinx's Primary Outfit

4.Terra's Primary Outfit

3.Kole's Primary Outfit

2.Kitten's Primary berwarna merah muda, merah muda Dress

1.Starfire's berwarna merah muda, merah muda Dress
posted by Lucy64
Allright, for all anda Starfire fan out there, im going to tell anda everything i know about the mysterious princess from the planet Tamaran. anda may be surprised what anda learn:

Alter Ego: Koriand'r
Occupation:Adventurer(comic book lingo for Super hero), Princess of Tamaran,part time Model
Known Relitives:Myand'r(Father), Luand'r(mother), Komand'r(sister-Older), Ryand'r(Brother-younger)
Group Affillation:Teen Titans, Outsiders
Base of Opperation: Earth
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26
Hair: red-auburn
Born the detik child of the ruling family...
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