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SammyFearest posted on Jul 14, 2012 at 03:09AM
Here you can create your own Titan or Villain and share it with us! Here are the details:

Alias (Superhero Name):
Super power (1-3):

Character's Bio:

I know it isn't much but I guess it'll do. Have fun creating, guys!

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Derpyrebound said…
Name: Derpy
Alias: Charmgirl
Age: 14
Power: (All space based): Light, Dark, and Time/Reality

A naive hotheaded girl who is known for being a deadpan snarker and makes stinging remarks. Every time she beats up bad guys she makes a HUGE mess. While the criminals are off to jail she is stuck with cleaning up by herself. She is able to use her Reality powers to create copies and levitate objects to her advantage. Most of the time she is pretty stealthy but blows her cover when she blows up over something small (kinda how Zuko blew up over someone talking to Mai and over a beach party) like insults that are intended for her. Her head however is never on Earth but rather in the clouds and is always day dreaming. It's like she found her own little world where she is always happy.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Firegirl1015 said…
Name: Rebekah
Alias (Superhero Name): Flare
Age: 14
Appearance:long dark brown hair with black highlights and fire red eyes she weres a black shirt with a ball of fire and orange shorts
Super power (1-3): fire
Hometown: unknowen

Character's Bio: unknowen
ttlover12 commented…
are oyu um.. coment my character lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ivor696 said…
apperance-short brown hair , brown eyes , wears a costume thats like black pnathers from ultimate avengers mixed with hawkguy`s.
super powers-shoots whote smokeyy balls , fly , superspeed , super strength and an actual hawk eye.

character`s bio- completly unknown.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu shdar13 said…
Alias: Crystal
Age: 14
Appearance: Long, pure white hair, glistening blue eyes,
a small blue O on her forehead, her outfit is a short black
shirt with long sleeves and a black skirt, she also has black
Power(s): She has huge dragon-like wings that can appear and
disappear, they are white. Her nails can form into large, sharp black
talons. The blue O on her forehead can judge personalities and lastly, she
is VERY fast.
Bio: She has a innocent apearence, but don't get in her way.
Story (other bio): -----------(unknown)
Hometown: ----------(unknown)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Bluemoon12345 said…
gender:female name: sandra alias: bluemoon age:16 species: demon/human/alien appearance:long black wavy hair to end of knee ,a blue, moon shaped jewl on forehead ,skin color: mixed,has a black tank top that has a moon on it that shows stomach, has dark blue shorts with regular timberlin boots has black oversized hoodie ,has blue eyes. powers: exact powers as Raven from teen titans except her color magic is navy blue and also can control the Moon ,Sun and sometimes when very very very very angry(wich is very very RARE!) she can control the universe and nature and science and everything and becomes a god for how long she's very very very very angry. story:she has a step sister nobody knows about(including her) witch is raven and trigon is her step father. she was sent to another planet (a alien planet) by Azar. That's where she got her name sandra and bluemoon from the alien family that she got raised by and that gave her more powers gave her the name from a scene most and so beautiful. when it was time to go on her own she flew to earth and that is when she became a teen titan. bio don't make her fierce! i mean it!! hometown:alien planet she was raised on
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu SonikkuLover7 said…
Name: Fiona Hanes
Alias: Lotus
Age: 15
Appearance: Long wavy sea green hair, aqua blue skin, wears hot pink tube top and matching skirt and a pink lotus in her hair
Powers: Water and turns into a mermaid when in the water
Bio: She was captured by the same lab Beast Boy was and Beast Boy rescued her. They eventually fell in love, but when she found out Beast Boy could transform into The Beast, she freaked out. She still loved him.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu NaomiWinx said…
Name: Aelita Torch
Alias: Charisma
Age: 14
Appearance: 2 flowy pigtails that go to her bottom with a yellow body suit (swimsuit style) with a black belt and knee high black boots with a cape going behind her and around her one shoulder behind held with a sun clip, and dark black skin
Powers: The Sun, Heat, Fire, Magma, Lava
Bio: She used to be human and her family were taken on a trip to outter space, but their space ship went out of control and ending up burning in the sun but she survived and realised that people live there and was transformed into a sun villager
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Bluestar2000 said…
Name: Chanel

Villan Name: Silver Dragon

Age: 15

Appearance: Wears a silver dragon mask so no-one really knows what she looks like. Wears a sleeveless, silver tank top hat shows her stomuch with the latin names of the 4 elements tattoed on her stomuch too, and white skinny jeans with black knee-high boots with heels, and has long white hair in a ponytail and golden eyes. Slightly tall and slim with slight curves.

Powers: Can control the 4 elements (earth, air, fire and water) and she can control them by wearing a necklace with a sapphire (water) ruby (fire) diamond (air) emerald (earth) becuase each of the jewels represent a element. If she loses the necklace then she can't use her powers since it is too dangerous. And her hands, eyes and necklace glow the colour of the element she is using, (so if she was controlling water then her hands, eyes and necklace would glow blue)

BIO: She was orphaned at age 5 when Control Freak sank the ship that she and her parents were sailing on, killing her parents. Control Freak kidnapped her and erased her memory so she thought that Titans had murdered her parents, and then he gave her powers so he could use her to defeat the Titans and make them weak so he could kill them.

Personality: Control freak made her have a cold and sarcastic personality, with a streak of slyness but under that she is a loyal, intelligent friend with a kind and brave heart.

Facts: Since her mother was French, she has a French name with a slight French accent,
Her partner in crime is Cheshire, and they're best friends
Is actually really nice and dosent like to kill people
She is called silver dragon becuase when you make her lose her temper, she transforms into a silver dragon SO NEVER MAKE HER LOSE HER TEMPER
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zeke_the_titan1 commented…
That's a pretty cool villan. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu JurassicX said…
Name: Paisley
Alias (Superhero Name): Dame
Age: 16
Appearance: Brown hair, usually in a bun, yellowish green eyes, and a black hoodie
Super power (1-3): Archer
Hometown: Seattle

Character's Bio:
Her Father left her as a child, she moved to Jump City for a fresh start.
She has a little Irish accent, and is very cold and rude.
She's bipolar, and is very skilled at shooting her bows.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu zoogle11 said…

Name: Jack
Alias (Superhero Name): Blow-Fish Man
Age: 18
Appearance: Spikey Cheeks full of zits Blondish-red Spikey hair
Super power (1-3):Blowfish and holding his breath till his cheeks are blue.
Hometown:Paris, IL

Character's Bio: Stung by a radio active blowfish
lebih dari setahun yang lalu GaHoolianGirl said…
Name: Kylia (she gave herself the name)
Alias: Shadow
Age: 14
Appearance: Medium height and bust, brown hair that is loose, drapes over her shoulders. Completely normal in appearance except for completely black eyes; no irises, no shine.
Super Power: Her body appears to become the night sky, allowing her to become intangible, a portal, or invisible. Can shoot what she calls "shadow bolts" out of her hands.
Hometown: Unknown.

Character bio: Orphaned as a young child, the first place she remembers being is behind an alleyway in San Francisco being fed old bread by a hobo at age four. She's been travelling around for years, and has been practically everywhere before being approached by that Titans in Jump City. She was originally a vigilante, killing criminals before Robin convinced her it was wrong. She was assigned to Steel City with Kid Flash and Jinx for training, until she is assigned to a real team. She is tiptoeing around a relationship Speedy and Jericho (Speedy x Cheshire and Jericho x Kole shippers don't kill me) and doesn't look forward to breaking either of their hearts. She is loyal, and while her methods can be crude and almost cruel, she knows the difference between right and wrong. She'd die for her friends if nessecary, and sees Robin as a brother figure, who helped her out of the dark place she was in, much like Raven, who she gets along with well. She plans on becoming a full Titan as soon as possible.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu AllyGirl09 said…
Name: Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Allas: street queen
Age: 16
Appearance: very white skin, blackish brown hair, brown eyes, hair long and wavy bangs look like they cover most of her eyes, wears red lip stick
Outfit: black suit that cover the body from shoulders down, dark purple knee hi boots, utility belt black, dark purple gloves
Super powers: can bend and move metal with her mind, can morph into metal, great agility
Hometown: New Jersey

Character bio: when she was ten years old her parents were killed (unknown) and she was raised by the dark side, she traveled to jump city with her family ( the ones that kidnapped her) she tried to rob a jewelry store to make sure her (family) wouldnt hurt any of her friends but the titans stopped her she didn't think she could win the fight so she ran but her (family) didn't know the titans were following her and started pushing her around she ended up passing out but waking up in the t tower she looked for a way out but the titans stopped her she ended up telling them everything and after months of trying be an an unready Titan, she fell in love with robin but because she knew starfire liked him she never told any one other than cyborg who rimdeded her of her brother ( deceased ) beast boy never really new much about starfire BFF raven like sisters
lebih dari setahun yang lalu TotalDramaFan60 said…
Alias (Superhero name): Rolling Girl (Yup, She's a fan of Hatsune Miku.)
Age:7--All the other Titans help her out.
Apperance:Brunette hair with green/gray/blue eyes.
Outfit:White dress and green sweater/coat and it's small.
Super powers:Can fly and can see from far distances. She's accutally no help YET.
Charectar bio:She's still learning all of the other superpowers she can get.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Souloangel said…
Name : shadow star

Age : 15

Power : angel abilities demon abilities lunar abilities

Appearance : shadow is a lean and tall with an alluring body with a pitch black turtle neck top with black jeggings and knee high black boots and her wings are made of knives black knives

Bio: shadow star uses white star now days and joins the titans on her fifteen birthday she and raven are very similar as are their powers she's been a Titan for a short bit but is well liked by all exept star fire because shees like 4 inches taller and happens to pick on her a lot but they have their moments and she is wry happy with her position
And she never where's the same outfit it's always something new unless a mission
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Maangbender said…
Name: Molly Fisher
Alias (Superhero Name): Spedfast
Appearance: Dark hair Grey eyes and is thin and athletic.
Super power (1-3): Speed, Bionic Hearing, and Storm
Hometown: Paris, Illinois

Character's Bio: Parents are against Super heros and she ran away at age 7 and has been training with Kid Flash.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu avatarandtt said…
Name: Sapphire Britton

Alias: Ele

Age:15 and a half


Appearance:wavy midnight black hair to beginning of her knee. has bluish violet eyes. has caramel skin. has a curvy tall body but still slim. has dark green shorts and a navy blue tank top that shows a little bit of stomach. and has black knee high boots.

main super power: controls fire water air earth and everything else that falls in those places.

others super powers: flight , weak telekinesis , super strength

home town : Olympia, Washington

bio: her mom tried to abort her but it didnt work and the doctors thought that was strange so when she came out after a week they instantly shipped her off to the government but a scientist who was gonna test her was gonna raise her as his own child with his wife . after she became 12 Ele overheard her parents talking to the government about trying to not kill them and her so she ran away after her step parent's death sentence and had a fresh start at Maryland then she traveled to California and met the titans. she still has memories of her parents death.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu animeboy123 said…
big smile
Name: Cat Hatsune
Superhero name: Yin ( opposite of her bro)
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Super powers: none
Appearance: Long white hair and white everything. Has katana.
Hometown: A mountain
Bio: Abandon at age of 2 and almost died 50 times she would not stop being related to Robin in the teen titans is a big deal to everyone except her. She comes visites The Teen Titans in every week and helps the JLU.
Family: Brother Yang, Father, Mother, Robin and robins adopted family.
Audiangel13 commented…
Hatsune is mikus last name ... lebih dari setahun yang lalu
ttlover12 commented…
yeah,sure lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Audiangel13 said…
Name : Audi

Superhero name : Super Nova

Age : 13

Gender : female

Super powers : Nova meltdown , Tiny Wings of the Nova , Nova wings hover flight , Nova wings teleport . Telepathic powers .

Hometown : Monte Carlo

Appearance : she wears a white sleeveless shirt with black lace up front and back with white detached sleeves and the same black lace . She has white stockings with black lining which connect to her shoes . She has caramel and brown hair while not using her powers but when she is she has pure white hair in an all down style with a side bang and honey gold eyes . She has shoes like ravens only they're white with black cuffs

Bio : Audi was born in a Place close to azarath but it was kinda the opposite of it . She left their and grew up with her aunt and uncle in Monte Carlo . She relished she had powers at age 3 and her aunt and uncle helped her with them she then became a super hero and got discovered by the teen titans in an accidental encounter . She and beast boy are besties her ad raven click while her and starfire and the others are good friends . She likes being with the titans . She never met her real family

( pic is her outfit but she looks diff ( bigger chest ) )
last edited lebih dari setahun yang lalu
 Name : audi Superhero name : Super Nova Age : 13 Gender : female Super powers : Nova
zeke_the_titan1 commented…
Your hero is so cool!!!!! Also have anda seen teen titans go? IT SUCKS! lebih dari setahun yang lalu
ttlover12 commented…
my is so cool too lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu zeke_the_titan1 said…
Name: Zeke

Hero name: Zeke the titan

Age: 10

Super powers: Telekinesis, shoulder machine gun

Home town: Jump city

Bio: One peaceful day while playing outside the T tower, an unknown animal approached Zeke. It bit him, mixing there DNA. Zeke is now part hedgehog part tiger. The rest is classified.

Relations: His brother (also a hero) and his parents beast boy and raven.
 Name: Zeke Hero name: Zeke the titan Age: 10 Super powers: Telekinesis, shoulder machine gun
lebih dari setahun yang lalu zeke_the_titan1 said…
I forgot to mention that he is very calm natured and prefers to meditate with his mom.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu zeke_the_titan1 said…
I also also forgot to mention that he trained with aqua lad for 3 years of his life.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu zenallen said…
Name: zen
Alias: Kylee Allen
Appearance: caramel brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, wears a torn up white dress
Superpowers: control plants and her tears bring things to life.
when she loses control of her emotions her hair turns into leaves and her skin is made of leaves
lebih dari setahun yang lalu zenallen said…
tree bark not leaves
lebih dari setahun yang lalu ttlover12 said…

Name: Alexandra Elric
Alias (Superhero Name):Darkwolf
Age: 17
Appearance:brown hair,green eyes,black and red clothes
Super power (1-3): Alchemy

last edited lebih dari setahun yang lalu
 Name: Alexandra Elric Alias (Superhero Name):Darkwolf Age: 17 Appearance:brown hair,green ey
lebih dari setahun yang lalu RobinTheTitan said…
Name: Mikaylah Martinez-Isawakii
Alias (Superhero Name): Celeste (or Sora, whom she dresses as on solo missions)
Age: 15
Appearance: Blue hair, green eyes, a green long sleeve, and a green skirt (Sora: Navy hair, green eyes, black leather jacket, black leather leggings)
Super power (1-3): Generally powerless, but can see into the future
Weapons: Swords, nun chucks, katana
Hometown: Koyoto, Japan
lebih dari setahun yang lalu KarmaNeko said…
name: unknown
alias: Dark Neko
age: 17 (immortal)
appearance: black hair, red cat-like eyes, wears a mask, cat ears,black sweatshirt & t-shirt, black jeans, black fedora
super power (1-3): empath, controls shadows, telekinesis
weapons: scythe, dagger
hometown: nowhere

bio: A notorious thief throughout history who had come to jump city to steal from titans tower, only to be thwarted by Cyborg's stomach, has vowed to steal something of great value from the tower. No-one knows what it is he's after, and he's made no attempt to brake in since then, An expert of stealth, using his telekinesis to unlock doors, empathy to find out passwords, and the shadows themselves to make himself practically invisible, his mistake seemed to be being in the common room when Cyborg went for a midnight snack. Since then, he has been off the grid.
notes: Scythe only appears when in battle, otherwise his dagger is on his belt. The mask covers the top half of his face and his left eye, and is black with crimson highlights around the eyes. The mask looks like a cat, as well.

thought i'd make the bio like a file that robin would pull up on the computer, not sure if it's good or not.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Egypt105 said…
that looks cool
lebih dari setahun yang lalu coolgirl413 said…
family:has none
power:Ora spikes
 name:spike age:16 family:has none gender:girl power:Ora spikes
RED-X commented…
That is cool lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu hallelujah3457 said…
Someone please help! I want to make a Titan too but I don't know how. :(
RED-X commented…
I can help with your idea lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu RED-X said…
Here's my red x character short summary (Due to Red- x's death "original version" Arashi the new red x became a vigilante he had trained in combat for over 5 years and now is the new red x mastered swords, karate, kung fu, and free style combat)
Name: Arashi
Hometown: Koyoto Japan
Age- 23
Appearance: Black hair, red eyes, black shirt, leather pants
Power: Telekenesis, high speed combat, and is able to use his chakra/ energy, to sense his surroundings
 Here's my red x character short summary (Due to Red- x's death "original version" Arashi the new red
lebih dari setahun yang lalu NotSociety said…
lebih dari setahun yang lalu TishaLee133 said…
Name: Knox Fernandez
Alias: Astrum
Age: 19 yrs old
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Appearance: When he is prepared to fight his skin and hair look like a starry black and blue galaxy. When he is all chilled out and calm he is tanned, ear-length dark brown hair, light brown eyes, he isn't too muscular but not too skinny, and he has a star tattoo on his hip.
Superpowers: -Flight- flies around using Stardust
-Nebula Manipulation- He has his limits on this and can be very dangerous if he over does it. He could hurt himself or exhaust himself.
Bio: Born into a middle-class family, Knox was always in love with stars. One fateful night as he was gazing at the stars with his telescope. Knox caught a glimpse of a meteorite heading to a near by farm. Quickly gathering his things he made his way to where he saw the meteorite fall. After a few hours of searching he found the meteorite. Upon further inspection Knox noticed a circular opening on its side. He cautiously put his hand in the jagged hole and felt a warm feeling overcome his whole body. The meteorite began to fade into star dust and circled Knox. Overcome with awe and wonder he never noticed the star tattoo appearing on his left hip and the back of his right hand. The stardust soon formed a glass-like window and on it appeared a creature that seemed to be made of the nebula. The creature spoke of his home and where it was located. The creature said his name was Sidus and was now part of Knox. Wanting a proper successor to his power he embedded himself in Knox. For over six months Knox and Sidus where together and not a single thing went wrong. On his 17th birthday Sidus defused from Knox and became his own person but his powers still remained with Knox. He soon turns into his mentor and best friend. On his 19th birthday he and Sidus moved to metropolis to live with his uncle, Hersh Fernandez. He later saved three children from a Lex Luther scheme gone wrong. That day Klark Kent was making his way to that same place. That was the day Knox's and Sidus's real adventure began.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu SpinjustuMaster said…
Name: Edison
Alias (Superhero name): Shadow
Age: 7
Hometown: Firework City, MS
Power: Light and Golden
Gender: Male
Fight time: Shadow started to fight some strong enemys then he thinks that he want to join a team
he found a 8 Tower and he met the team named Strong8 titans but there were 5 titans.
Bio: He was born in 2008 but the leader said Shadow can join the Strong8 titans Because Shadow's stronger than Strong Enemys hes also the Strongest Titan But then The Strong8 Titans got to Jump City
to fight there Rival then there enemys saw Shadow was 7 years old then they laughed expect the Strong8 Titans then Shadow started to get anger he defeated his enemys one by one after it was done he met the names. 1. Knux 2.Blitz 3.Terra 4.Donnie(Boy name) 5.Raph. Each on a day they fight there enemys
lebih dari setahun yang lalu tsthebest123 said…
Name: Terrain.
Alias (Superhero Name): Ignex (or: night-ninja)
Age: Time child (meaning he can change his age and physical appearance with it.)
Appearance: Picture:
Gender: male
Super power (1-3): The power to manipulate time, Fire.... Get into peoples head.
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Character's Bio:
Timeless. Dark and cold. stuck in the time rift. watching as others had there fun. and there misery...
He decided to get up and explore your time. (sorry im lazy and thats all i got)
last edited lebih dari setahun yang lalu
 Name: Terrain. Alias (Superhero Name): Ignex (or: night-ninja) Age: Time child (meaning he can chan
lebih dari setahun yang lalu DanceGirl100 said…
Real Name: Cassandra Lee Royale

Alias: Archeress

Age: 16

Appearance: refer to picture below.

Gender: female

Super power/skills: mind reading, every form of martial arts, and archery

Hometown: Steel City (state unknown, but it's on the east coast of the USA)

Character's bio: this sweet teen girl was born on April 22, 1995 and is currently 22, but was 16 when she made her debut in my soon to be published titans east fan fiction as a member of the Titans East on earth 45. she was raised on a native american reservation. one day when she was two, a large wildfire ravaged the land. Roy Harper Sr, a forest ranger, died saving the medicine chief of the tribe, Brave Bow. Cassie's mom, Tiger Lily, also died, as she was unable to escape. since both lost a father, she and Roy Harper jr, who would later become Speedy, were really close friends growing up even after Roy left to become Speedy. After Roy left, she felt lonelier than ever and traveled to Central City where, for the next three years, she worked side by side with Kid Flash until he figured out she had a condition (rickets) and her bones were easy to break. For her own good, Kid Flash wouldn't allow them to work together anymore. she traveled to Steel City, where she was reuinted with Roy and met Bumblebee, Aqualad, and Mas y Menos. the six of them then formed the titans east

(please note this is a compete fanfiction that takes place on a different earth most of this isn't canon)

 Real Name: Cassandra Lee Royale Alias: Archeress Age: 16 Appearance: refer to picture below.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu mhs1025 said…
Name: Delona Bradford

Age: 14-16

Alias: Genesis

Appearance: Burgundy ombre hair with brown and blonde in it, turquoise eyes, wears a royal blue suit, and carries a tall stick for fighting.

Powers (1-3): 1. Can put a protective shield over ANY city! 2. Has healing powers and can heal any injury. (She can even cure certain deceases!) 3. Can turn people into objects.

Gender: Female

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee (Later moved to Jump City.)

Bio: As a girl born in The Home Of The Blues, this Titan didn't know what lied ahead of her. As a little girl, her parents discovered one of her powers, and did everything to protect her. Unfortunately, as she got older, all her powers were soon discovered, and it became difficult to live a normal life. She knew her friends at school wouldn't understand, and she didn't want to cause trouble, so she kept her powers hidden. One night while walking home with her parents, an unidentified criminal threatened the little family, and Delona's mother told her to run and hide. When Delona got a sense the altercation was over, she peaked from her hiding place. Her parents were nowhere to be found. She was devastated, and she wished she summoned up the courage to unleash one of her powers in order to save them. Afew years went by, and she realized she needed to move forward with her life. She didn't want her past to haunt her anymore, but yet she never forgot how that night changed her life forever. With all reluctance inside her, she packed up what was left of her and left Memphis. As she adjusted to Jump City, she met a group of super heroes along the way. Surprisingly, they were around her age. That's when a new family was formed. These friends would fight crime together, train together, and save the world together. That's when Delona Bradford became known as Genesis-Genesis the unstoppable.
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