It was late at night, and Beast Boy was VERY hungry. He walked into the dapur and opened the refrigerator. Squat. "Aw!" Beast Boy shouted. He opened the freezer in hopes he could find any Frozen treats. Negative. Beast Boy walked back to his room hoping he could find something stashed away. Nada. "What's a guy gotta do to get some food around here?!?" Beast Boy antagonized. No one had made a point to go to the grocery store yet.

There's was only one thing left for Beast Boy to do-sneak into the Titans' rooms and see if there was any food in them. *They better be glad I can transform into different animals.* Beast Boy thought. He transformed into a tiny bug called a nat and went under the crack of a closed door. First up was Cyborg's room. Cyborg was in "sleep mode" as he was half-robot. Beast Boy transformed back into his human self and began his food quest. He searched and searched, but was unsuccessful. "Come on!" he whispered. He transformed back into a nat and flew out of the room.

selanjutnya up was Raven's room. Beast Boy hesitated, but then decided to cari her room for food anyway. This time, he transformed into a cock roach and crawled under the door. He quickly transformed back into his human self and saw Raven meditating. He figured Raven meditated whenever she couldn't sleep. He searched and searched for food yet again. During the middle of his search, he heard a soft yawn. *Oh no!* Beast Boy thought and transformed back into a cock roach. While still a cock roach, he continued on with the cari as Raven went back to bed. After only a couple minutes, he exited the room.

"I've even checked the other cabinets and the pantry!" Beast Boy screeched. Then, he realized he only had two lebih rooms to check. selanjutnya up was Starfire's room, so he transformed into an ant and crawled through the open crack of the door. He was surprised the door was slightly cracked open. Upon entering the room, he saw Starfire asleep. He quietly transformed back into his human self and continued on with his quest. All Starfire had in her room was a jar of mustard, but she usually DRANK that. "I'm outta here!" Beast Boy berkata as he transformed back into an ant and crawled out of the room.

Last up was Robin's room, but Beast Boy KNEW he had to make this part of the cari quicker. He transformed into a fly and flew into the room. The first thing he heard was Robin snoring, and it's aman, brankas to say he was fairly loud. Beast Boy couldn't take it anymore and transformed back into a fly. He'd often buzz to drown out the annoyance. Once again, he searched for food. Nothing was found. Beast Boy sadly flew out of the room. *At least we don't share rooms in the tower.* he thought.

"What do I have to do just to eat?!?" he screamed in agony as he went back to his own room. Just as he plopped down on his bed, he thought of an idea-he got up and went into the kitchen. He made himself a homemade buffet from what was left over. Some food was cooked, heated up, atau microwaved. "Come to papa!" Beast Boy berkata while rubbing his hands together. He took the first bite and it felt like heaven to him. And just like that, he ate and ate and ate until he fell asleep.