Yes, we get it, she's a traitor and blah, blah, blah. But there are traitors in other shows , movies,books etc and they hardly get as much hate as Terra.

Let's start of with how she became a traitor. She wasn't like those typical villains who are villains for no apparent reason. She had a reason. Prior to when she ran off, she felt like she could trust the Titans- especially Beast Boy. But when they found out she couldn't control her powers and she only told one of them, she thought Beast Boy told them, so she felt betrayed herself.

So now she meets Slade right? And he helps her control her powers. Of course she's going to trust him!

And people say the only reason she stopped was when she was finally getting her butt kicked oleh the Titans. I'm like "Seriously, did anda watch the show?" She was about to kill Beast Boy! It was then that Beast Boy convinced her to do the right thing. She chose to save Beast Boy and his friends, because he was the only one who had faith in her. He was her best and only friend.

So, yeah Terra was a villan for most of season 2 but she died a hero and that's what matters. She taught that it is never too late to do the right thing.