Robins pov
I woke up and walked down stairs we were all tired of losing these battles beast boy was just slouching on the dipan, sofa playing on video games with terra and cyborg, icy was helping starfire sculpt a replica of silkie using her ice powers raven was meditating then starfire turned and berkata "robin we are also tired of the losing to..." Then icy turned and berkata "... Maybe we need new team mates" I berkata "your a genious we'll set it up today ok guys" .... It was around 1:23 when heros and heroines were arriving since we only needed 3 the first one she was silky choclate brown she wore a blsck kemeja like terra and black silky pants with gadgets like mines around her waist she berkata she could multiply herself and fly,super strength she berkata her name was clone we all loved her powers and aggreed she should be on the team the selanjutnya one was someone we already knew it was kid flash he told us he wants to be on the team because it sucked we berkata he could be on the team the selanjutnya one was a guy who looked like raven his name was radius his powers were like hers too since raven we agreed to let them to be on the team

Icy's pov
That kid flash guy is really cute I could run my fingers through his red hair I looked at him and he waved at me and I turned berwarna merah muda, merah muda and he turned to me and blushed then we heard the alarm it was dr.light they rushed to the t-car I used my ice powers to make a ice bridge I yelled at kid "that as fast as anda could go" he yelled back "you have'nt even tried the first round yet babe" I blushed furiously at him and he blushed at me after we seen doctor light we stopped dead in our tracks... The rest of the guys got out the t-car first beastboy turned into a rhino but dr.light hit him blasting him into terra and raidious sending them then starfire and raven did a combo with both of there powers but he blasted them and they crashed into cyborg it was just me,robin,kid flash dr.light hit robin but he got back up anf called "thats the best anda got?" Then I turned and felt a beam go through me I stared wide open and flew back then I felt pair of hands catch me my eyes began to close up I began to lose concious...

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