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Prepare to be offended DxC fans!

"look at the guy,hes hot!"

OMG Look

Gwuncan duete

Duncan's detik Elimination

Teenage Dream - Duncan & Gwen

TDWT bonus from episode 24 in ENGLISH

TPWT - Materiał dodatkowy odc 24 (!! ENGLISH TRANSLATION !!)

Trent Doesn't Know ~ (Duncan x Gwen)

DunGwen ciuman bus scene

Duncan And Gwen- Please Dont Go

Gwen & Duncan~Smile

♥↓DunGwen - lost In You↑♥(Request for AmazingDream17)

D x G 2nd ciuman

Deleted Scene English

Duncan and Gwen-those nights;;

Duncan loves Gwen

duncan x gwen weding singer

DuncanxGwen Situations

DxG ciuman

gwen and duncan so contagious

Gwen loves Duncan

Gwen Will be Loved - Duncan + Gwen

Gwen&Duncan are in cinta

gwenxduncan trentxcourtney couples that need to happen

TDI DxG Kiss'n anda

TDWT Clip - Heather/Gwen/Courtney - Give me the Tape!

Trent♥Gwen♥Duncan: Nothin' on anda

all DxG kisses in TDWT

♥::DunGwen & Trentney - Firework (Christmas Surprise!!)::♥


drop of shame: gwen

duncan and gwen -situations

Duncan and Gwen ALMOST kiss- TDA Aftermath "never before seen clip"

Duncan and Gwen COSPLAY

Duncan x Gwen x Courtney - hiu In The Water

duncan/gwen - i've got a feeling


DuncanxGwen - Accidentally In cinta

DuncanxGwen Prayer Of The Refugee

DunGwen kisses

DxG The Way I Loved anda

Gwen and Duncan bernyanyi Fight For The emas

Gwen vs Courtney-Better than revenge

GwenxDuncanxCourtney - Best friends Brother

Skater Boy

TDA /TDI Duncan&Gwen-Down

think twice

Total Drama Voice of Reason (DxG fan vs DxC Fans) The Fighting Ends

Total Drama Voice of Reason (DxG vs DxC) The War Ends (Part 2)

∟DRS Audition!☠D + G☠


✿❀//DunGwenIICan't Stand It\\✿❀


Duncan and Gwen tribute

Duncan and Gwen-Set api to the rain ~Preview~

Duncan x Gwen ~ E.T

Duncan/Gwen-You Belong With Me

Gwen and Duncan ciuman AGAIN!

Gwen and duncan cinta story

Gwen x Duncan Tribute

gwuncan mine

ciuman Me - Duncan + Gwen

Little gothic Ridinghood's theme

TDI - GwenxDuncan - 7 Things

TDI/A/WT- Gwen&Duncan- ciuman the Girl

TDI/TDA/TDWT DxG ~ Teenage Dream

[♥]Duncan x Gwen[♥] - Just To Be Quiet

//Mini AMV// Duncan X Gwen ((Anti Duncan X Courtney)) ~ Perfect {Punk x Goth = ♥}


「DRS」 It's time to do it now and do it LOUD! // Duncan in Na Na Na!

Äćĉórdιήg τό γσũ Ď›Ğ›Ț

♥○^_^○♥Duncan x Gwen - Inevitable♥○^_^○♥(Request for xXTaintedArtistXx )


did it hurt?duncan and gwen

Duncan and Gwen - Teenage Dream

Duncan and Gwen movie #1

Duncan and Gwen Thunder

Duncan x Gwen

Duncan x Gwen - Bleeding cinta

Duncan x Gwen - Ready for cinta

Duncan x Gwen: tampil Me cinta

Duncan&Gwen tribute


DuncanxGwen-Dj gotta us fallin in cinta again

dxg vid done oleh me

DXG:Taking over me

gwen and duncan face down

Gwen Won't Say...that's she's in cinta ♡

gwenxduncan (seizure warning!)

GwenxDuncan find your cinta

lullaby duncanxgwen

Natrually DuncanXGwen

One of the boys GwenXDuncan

Skater Boy ~ Duncan,Courtney & Gwen

TDI Gwen & Duncan Leavin' Jesse McCartney

TDI Gwen Has A Crush On Duncan

TDI/TDA Duncan & Gwen-Our Time Now

The Reason / Duncan Gwen Courtney

Thinking of anda Duncan/Gwen/Trent