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Dawwww~! I loved this part aren't they cute when they're nervous around each otherX3
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This TDI's GwenxDuncan screencap might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

posted by xRainbowNinjax
Gwens POV
Its been a week since Duncan left and believe atau not, i kinda miss him, DON'T tell Courtney. And, OK i dont kinda miss him, i Really miss him!!!! Ugh... Hes my best friend, not crush......
Duncans POV
Stupid Chris Kicked me out of the plane, i landed in a Cactus. Yea wasn't pretty. I Kinda, Killed the cactus. I Miss Courtney. Hmm, No im not a softie... Well now im at vegas im staying in london :D Im a punk band. So i was watching TDWT and Saw Courtney and Gwen.. Ah Gawd whats wrong with me, OK ill admit it I Miss Gwen.......... :( Shes pretty, Sexy, Hot, But Courtney is, well, Shes Crazy,...
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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Duncans POV
OK so last night Courtney got me to sing. Luckily all it was was, "This SUCKSSSSS". Courtneys A Pretty Wicked Singer, Gwens voice is unique, *Thought* OMG DUNCAN, anda DO NOT LIKE GWEN, Gwen is your BEST FRIEND!!!- I cant believe i just berkata that. -_-.
Chris-"Ok kiddies, Lets go to the Pie,er rah meds..."
"You Mean Pyramids right?"Gwen Asked
"Dontttt Interrupt me!!! Anyways lets a go!"
So we got to the pyramids and he told us are first challenge is to either go over the pyramid atau through the pyramid to get to the finish line to decide are teams.
"Duncan, Lets walk together!!!"Said Courtney...
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Gwen P.O.V.

After the incident that happened at mine and Trent's wedding we decided to reschedule.So right now I was at halaman awal washing the dishes while Trent was at work.When I finished I went to my room and watched TV.For a detik I looked out the window,it was raining lightly.It seemed so relaxing I could just sleep,but how could I just sleep and acted like nothing happened.Why did I puke that day,did I eat something bad?I decided to get my lazy butt up,turn off the TV,and go to the doctors.Before I left I put on my blue plaid kemeja and my ripped jeans,along with my black converse.I got in...
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posted by Gwentrend24
Trent's P.O.V


It only took one word out of her beautiful poised lips to stop my heart. Frozen. I just stood there Frozen like the coward that I really am. Unresponsive. That was another word to describe my actions. Words were coming in, but nothing was coming out.

"Hello?" she asked again. "Helllooo?" she berkata stretching out the greeting. The goth beauty became impatient. "Well, I guess we got disconnected." she murmured under her breath. I had to save myself. I had to save myself from being the idiot who lets her hang up, calls again, and has to explain to her why I didn't respond the...
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Chapter 11
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Ohh, man! That was fun! Last night, I took Chef's electric razor, and shaved ALL of Chris's hair off!! Everyone was laughing hard, even Gwen!

Duncan: Gwen's been really ticked at me since yesterday, and seeing her laugh at what I did to Chris, oh, that just made my day. <:)
.::End Confessioncam::.

Chris snapped, "SHUT IT! It's challenge time!"
We all groaned, but I still snickered a little. "Today, we will be going back to Total Drama Island!" Chris said.
PERFECT! Before Gwen was ticked at me she said, "I can't believe I'm...
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Summary:Hurt filled teal eyes meet a teary, smokey black as they stared down the barrel of each others guns the first api was shot and the last thing to be heard was a horrid thud...and who would've guessed the twisted game cinta had laid out for these two?

Duncan is the big time crime boss in the city, respected, hated and feared, just the way he likes it. Unfortunately one gang, the one of his formal friend/rival, Alejandro was the only one that still had the guts to try and give him a run for his money. It had been like this for awhile actually, but Duncan enjoyed it all the same, it was...
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Chapter 1: Creepy Text Messages
Gwen POV
(Texting Duncan)
Duncan: hey Sunshine
Gwen: Hey
Duncan: Wanna go to a movie?
Gwen: I'm really sorry Duncan, but I'm really not in a mood.
Gwen POV
Duncan didn't text for like 10 minutes. Then I heard the door bel, bell ring. I went to the door. It was Duncan.
Duncan: What's wrong?
Gwen: (laughs) Oh my gosh. Couldn't anda just text me what was wrong. Instead of just coming all the way over here just to ask me.
Duncan: Well if something's wrong with my sunshine, I have to be there in person to comfort her.
Gwen: Well some creep keeps texting me scary things. The number is blocked, it says unknown.
Duncan: tampil me the texts.
Duncan POV
Who could be doing this, it's like it's threatening her.
The texts berkata stuff like: Watch your back, atau sleep with one eye open tonight. Whoever is doing this looses an eyes.
(Gwen's phone rings)
Text: I'm coming for anda ;)
(Hears window break)
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