Chapter 11
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Ohh, man! That was fun! Last night, I took Chef's electric razor, and shaved ALL of Chris's hair off!! Everyone was laughing hard, even Gwen!

Duncan: Gwen's been really ticked at me since yesterday, and seeing her laugh at what I did to Chris, oh, that just made my day. <:)
.::End Confessioncam::.

Chris snapped, "SHUT IT! It's challenge time!"
We all groaned, but I still snickered a little. "Today, we will be going back to Total Drama Island!" Chris said.
PERFECT! Before Gwen was ticked at me she said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would rather be back at those smelly old cabins than here." So now I have a whole hari to spend with Gwen and figure out what's happening.
So, we piled on the bus, and Chris made me and Gwen sit together. I grinned at her, but she just groaned.
We sat down in our seats, and I made my move. I said, "Hey, Gwen. How've anda been?"
Gwen glared at me and grumbled, "Like anda care," and turned her head away from me.
"Hey! I do so care!" I told her, and then I saw her smirk in the reflection of the but window. Crap. WE had a bet that she couldn't get me to say "I care".
Gwen snickered, "You now owe me five bucks,"
I smiled at her. She looked at me and said, "You know i'm still mad at you, right?" flatly.
"Naw, really? Hell, I thought anda LU-OOVED me!"
Gwen started, "I do-!" she paused, and then nervously added, "-n-not, cinta you. So much..."
Gwen began to tear up. I berkata to her, "Shh, Gwen, it's gonna be alright." I could just feel Trent's eyes staring at me like a hawk. I added, "I cinta y-"
"WE ARE HERE!!!" Chris interrupted. He was wearing his retarded blue suit.

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
Chris announced that we were all going to the season one set, Total Drama Island. Wow, did I just call it a set? I've been here to long. It's not a set, it's an island. Chris made me sit with Duncan. He grinned at me, but I just groaned. I may have laughed hysterically at what he did to Chris, but that doesn't mean he was forgiven.
Then, on the bus, Duncan asked how I've been. I really wasn't in the mood, because of Leshawna and Heather arguing last night non-stop about who was the prettiest. Uhg, sometimes I hate being a girl.
AH. Off topic. Anyways, I wasn't in the mood, so I grumbled, "Like anda care," and turned my head away from him.
OK, OK, I know. The writer made Duncan explain this already.
*You still like him!*
Do not!
*You feel what I say!*
No! I don't!
*You feel like ciuman Duncan so badly right now!*
Ooo, I wanna ciuman Duncan so badly!
*Toldjya! :p*
I hate you.
*Tell your story, slave!!*
Anyways, he said, "Hey! I do so care!"
That's when I remembered our bet.
I smirked and said, "You now owe me five bucks,"
I saw him smile in the reflection of the window. I turned around to face him and berkata to Duncan, "You know I'm still mad at you, right?" But I really wasn't...
Duncan laughed, "Naw, really? Hell, I thought anda LU-OOVED me!"
The words pierced me with the cold, hard truth; I do cinta him.
Oh, shut it.
Suddenly, I heard myself saying, "I do-!" but I stopped myself short. Like he could know I loved him! I added so it wouldn't seem like I DID cinta him, "n-not cinta you." and I murmered, "So much..."
Duncan was comforting me. WEIRD. VERY WEIRD. Duncan said, "Shh, Gwen, it's ok."
He's so sweet, I thought.
And Duncan was just about to say he loved me, (I think) When Chris came out of no-where in his weirdo blue suit and shouted, "WE ARE HERE!!!"
Chris was wearing a hat to cover up his bald head.

Chapter 12
(Gwen's P.O.V.)
*at Camp Wawanakwa*
We all jumped off the bus and came to the island's center. (A.K.A. where the cabins were) I remembered talking to Duncan about wanting to come back here and just think and write and draw and talk. We all looked back at the bus as Chef sped away in it.
"Today, kiddies, anda will take a video camera, and go out into the woods for 3 nights, and record things you've done, and use it like the confession cam." Chris explained. "Teams will collect food, the team with the most surplus wins another week of safety, and the other team will have to-"
"Send someone home," Duncan and I berkata together. I looked away from him embarrassed.

Trent: Ok... I'm gonna let that slide...
Duncan: I think Gwen's finally warming up to me again! <:)
.::End Confessioncam::.

My team (the Screaming Gaffers) and the Killer Grips got the very little supplies Chris provided, and we set off.
"OK, we should find a clear medow, atau a place with no trees." I told my team. "Who's the best with navigation?"
Harold blurted, "I AM! I spent a summer at Navigation Steve's Navigation Camp!"
Me and Leshawna exchanged looks.
Everyone else chimed in and berkata what they're best at that would be useful.
"Leading!" announced Heather.
"Cooking!" DJ told us.
"Building fires!" Leshawna chimed.
"I'll be the shelter builder, then." I said.
Duncan eyed me and laughed, "That leaves me with food finding, apparently. anda sure anda can handel building the shelter on your own, sun- I mean Gwen?" and he raised his uni-brow like, I wanna help.
I glared at him and said, "YES, I CAN."

Chapter 13
(Beth's P.O.V.)
*at the Killer Grips' campsite*
"Lindsay, do anda think Gwen'll be OK?" I asked. Lindsay smiled and said, "Of course, Beth! I mean, she still likes Daul, that's obvious." I looke at her and berkata flatly, "It's Duncan, not Daul."
Lindsay stared at me, like she didn't understand. "Never mind..." I berkata slowly.
Trent was moping around in sadness, think ing about Gwen, no doubt. If he comes blaming one of us, it's his own fault for breaking up with Gwen.
Owen, Izzy and I talked for a while.
"Trent's really bummed about hitting Duncan," Owen told Izzy and I.
Izzy's expression told me she cared... which was WEIRD. Izzy said, "Gwen's been really sad too, because of Trent braking up with her"
Owen nodded.
I said, "I feel really bad..."
All three of us nodded at each other and went back to work.

- - - - - - - - - -

.::Killer Grips Clips::.
Lindsay: My hair has major membagi, split ends!!
Izzy: God, Gwen, I'm sorry! I told owen and Beth about the break up!
.::End Killer Grips Clips::.

We all started a little pile of fruits and herbs and all the extra food we could find for the end of the challenge. Justin didn't seem to be that much of a help, but his hotness was all we needed to keep going. But then I remembered Brady, and how I couldn't be swooning over a hot, dreamy model like Justin. AH!
I just hoped Gwen was doing OK with Duncan and everyone. It seems like a hard time for her.
So, Trent set up camp, Izzy got the food, Owen, well, ate the food, Lindsay and Justin entertained, and I just sat around with nothing to do. It was BORING!
I just sat around dreaming of my hot, hunky ball 'o love, Brady. I couldn't believe he was with a girl like me! I'm sure if he were Justin atau vis versa, he wouldn't like me.
"Lindsay, I SWEAR Brady is real!" I told Lindsay, but she just kept snickering and saying quietly, "Yeah, sure, Beth!"
I'm pretty positive that Heather would use much lebih colorful language.

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
Duncan has been nagging at me all day. My god, can't he see I didn't want to talk to him? Typical Duncan. Typical, annoying, punk-y, hot, dreamy, teal-eyed... AUHG No, I'm supposed to be MAD at him! I don't like him anymore, I am SOOO over Duncan! I wouldn't get back with him in a million years! Grr, he's still nagging and bothering me. One of these days...
"Gwen, come with me for a sec, just, please?"
Duncan asked. With actually politeness. Dude, this must be serious. O_O
"Oi! Fine!" I shouted at him. Leshawna and Heather looked my way, gave a slight nod, and went back to work.
I nodded back and followed Duncan into the woods.

- - - - - - - - - -

Duncan led me into a deep part of the woods and asked me, "OK, what the hell is up with you!?" I looked at him carefully. He seemed genuinely confused and unknowing. Simple dude mind tricks. "Like I said," I told him, "I know what anda berkata about me."
My legs began to carry me away from the woods, but Duncan grabbed my arm and said, "I don't know what Heather told you, but here is what I ACTUALLY said:
Me (Duncan): Harold I need to talk to anda about something...
Harold: Oh great. What about?
Me: Gwen...
Harold: Huh. Cool. Why Gwen?
Me: Because! She's a great girl to talk about!"
He seemed to be talking to the air, but then he darted his eyes at me, critizisingly. My eyes started to water. "That's not what Heather told me..."
He continued,
"Harold: Trent's still with her, dude, she can't be yours if anda ever wanted her.
Me: Trent's and idiot to fall for Gwen..."
"Just what Heather berkata anda said!" I yelled at him, and I started to leave, but then, Duncan added,
"Me (continued): Because... *sigh* because, I think I cinta her."
Silence followed.
My ripped-in-two jantung was mended, and I felt all butterfly-ish inside. He, he loved me? He thinks he loves me? I noticed I was crying. Why had I been such an idiot?! Heather lies about EVERYTHING!
I felt Duncan tip up my chin, and look at me. I looked into his big, teal eyes. He looked into my deep green eyes.
"Gwen," he berkata softly, "I... I cinta you."
I closed my eyes and let the tears come rolling down my cheeks. I felt like a wimp, like I was fragile as a spring flower. Like I could snap at the slightest pressure.
Duncan pulled me closer to him. He hugged me tight. I had a protector, a fighter, a friend.
Then I felt him tip up my head and his warm lips touched mine. He held my waist with one hand, and my hand with the other.
It was all too much, but just when I thought Duncan couldn't get any sweeter, he started to sing. He sang. To me. To me alone.
The first part of the detik verse of "For the Longest Time" He sang to me.
"Once I thought my innocence was gone.
Now I know that happiness goes on."

He grinned and pointed to me.
I grinned back and sang,
"That's where anda found me, when anda put your arms around me, *Duncan put's his hands around Gwen*"
"I haven't been there for the longest time..."
We sang the last part together. We sung in harmony the chorus. He has the most beautiful voice.

.::Screaming Gaffers Clip::.
Duncan: I got my girl back. <:)
Gwen: He's so sweet, I never new he was THAT sweet. And he's a great singer.
.::End Screaming Gaffers Clip::.

"So, do anda forgive me?" I asked Duncan. He smiled and said, "Oh, I don't know... Is Heather a total bitch?" I laughed at that. "I'll take that as a yes," I giggled as I hugged him. "You're such a girl!" He shouted. "AM NOT!" I shouted back.
"Oh yeah," Duncan added slowly. "I forgive anda under one condition. anda tell Trent anda two are over. FOR GOOD."
I almost immediately berkata yes.
"Great, sunshine." I blushed again, but I wasn't embarrassed, I was happy. "What should I call you? Hmm..." A grin spread across my face. I KNEW he wouldn't like this. "Punkin' Duncan?" I grinned evilly.
"Oh-ho-ho-ho no way, lady!" Duncan berkata to me.
"Oh-ho-ho-ho YES way, man!" I berkata back and I hugged him tight.

Chapter 14
(Trent's P.O.V.)
*the selanjutnya morning*
I'm still really bummed about breaking up with Gwen. I feel like such an idiot, why'd I do that? Well, I guess, for one thing, she made out with a dude who I HATE. I don't really know why I hate Duncan so much, I guess it's just because of the fact that he's trying to steal Gwen away from me! D:
Later, I'll find the Screaming Gaffers' camp and apologize to Gwen and get her back.
Duncan will pay later.
Lindsay got up and yawned, "Good morning, Todd!"
"Lindsay, my name is TRENT." I replied.
She looked at me like she didn't understand.
Owen saved us both from awkwardness oleh waking up and saying, "Good morning, outdoors!" And he left the small tent, farting just when he got out of the tent, so we didn't have to deal with his fart smell.
Me and Lindsay looked at each other weirdly.
We all got up and started our first hari in the woods alone.
Izzy found food, Owen ATE the food, Beth sat around doing nothing, Lindsay and Justin entertained, and I set up camp and shelter and all that.
I needed to talk to Gwen, like, NOW.
"I gotta go take a wiz," I said, and I headed off into the direction where I thought the Screaming Gaffers' campsite was.

- - - - - - - - - -

Finally, I saw they're tent. I came up to the tent and quietly unzipped the tent's flap, and I saw Leshawna, DJ, Heather, and Harold- but Duncan and Gwen were gone. I muttered, "Dammit," and wandered towards the trees.
Right when I god to the first tree, someone grabbed my shoulder, and covered my mouth with their hand.
Their skin was pale, but not pale enough to be Gwen's skin.
"You want them apart?" she whispered.
I nodded.
"Let me help you,"
I took her hand off my mouth and said, "Fine,"
"OK here's the plan..."

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
*with Duncan in the woods*
I had been so blind! Heather's lies were the king to my Orion, they pierced my eyes with poison. But Duncan's cinta was my rays of light. Hopefully, I don't get shot oleh a hunter/huntress, but hey, Duncan loves me! And I cinta him too.
I woke up slightly, to see rays of light through the pohon branches, and, and... I was on Duncan! I had slept on (or with) Duncan!! He had his arms around me, his chest rising up and down gently.
I smiled and hugged him.
One of Duncan's eyes opened, and he whispered, "Mornin', sunshine."
While he berkata that, it hit me: I had SLEPT, with DUNCAN!!
"Oh, my, God..." I managed with a surprised look on my face.
He kissed my forehead and said, "Race ya to the beach,"
Suddenly, all shock left my body, and also suddenly, Duncan jumped up and took a running stance. He couted, "5, 4-"
"ONE!!" I shouted, taking a head start.
"HEY, THAT'S NOT FAIR, GET BACK HERE anda BITCH!" Duncan shouted laughing.
We laughed and raced to the pantai like little 7-year-olds, all the while, being in love.

(Trent's P.O.V.)
Heather told me the plan.
She said, "Ok, here's the plan. XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX-"
*Nope, anda ain't tellin', Trent!*
Why not?!
*It's a surprise! A DER!*
Hmph, fine.
Well, I'm gonna go find Duncan and tell thim XXXX XXXXX XXXX XX-
*NO TRENT!!! GAWD, this is why you're not in my puncak, atas 5 fav contestants*

Grr... Anyways, I'mma find Duncan.
But once I got to my campsite, Izzy started pelting me with questions.
"Where were you?" "Did anda talk with Gwen?" "Are anda two back together?" "Is she alright?" and so on.
I ignored her and went to the beach. That's where I thought Duncan and Gwen would be.

*at the beach*
I was right! I saw them running onto the pantai and laughing, and having fun.
Gwen berkata something, to Duncan, gave him a kiss, and left. *gagging face*
Duncan sat on the dock, and looked at the sun. Izzy was right, he IS a wuss.
I quickly ran on the dock to tell him. He turned around and got up. He seemed to grow menacingly like a shadow. "What, the hell, do anda want." he asked flatly.
"I need to tell anda something..."
"What, Trent. It BETTER NOT be about Gwen."
"It is-"
Duncan made me back up against a tree, and he took my kerah and sad through gritted teeth, "You better back off, 'cause she's-"
"INTO ME!!" I shouted. "She's into me! Gwen told me yesterday! Your name was not mentioned at all! She doesn't cinta you, she loves ME! I'll make it simple for your lil' punk mind: Gwen cinta Trent, not Duncan. Duncan cinta Gwen, but Gwen cinta Trent. GOT IT?!?" ... Silence.
I totally lost my cool there!
Duncan was silent for a long time, I guess he's trying to ponder my words. I sounded convincing, I thought.
"No..." He finally whispered. "She loves me, Trent. Not you." He pushed me into the pohon and stormed off. Wow, Harold has to deal with that. Like Heather had said, "Make a spark, and watch the flames begin."

Chapter 15
(Duncan's P.O.V.)

.::Screaming Gaffers Clip::.
Duncan: I had confessed my cinta to her, kissed her, sang to her, and even slept with her! There is no freakin way she doesn't respect me for that. No way she loves Trent. No way she doesn't cinta me...
.::End Screaming Gaffers Clip::.

I wandered around the forest a while, just thinking: Should I believe Trent? atau should I stay with Gwen and forget about it?
Nothing seemed right, why was I moping around when Trent berkata something that might be true but probably isn't? Why did I feel so sad? Was my brain saying, "I believe him,"? What was happening up there. Idiot brain.
Suddenly, I bumped into someone. I gave a shout in alarm, and so did a girl's voice. It was Gwen.
We started to talk at the same time.
"(at the same time as Duncan) Oh my god, I'm-"
"(at the same time as Gwen) Ah, oops, nice to-"
Embarrassed yet smiling the slightest bit, I looked away.
"You go first," I whispered.
Gwen smiled at me and replied, "Sure. I really enjoyed spending time with you, really, I did!" I scoffed at this. She looked at me funny, but she continued, "And sleeping in your arms, that was the best nights' sleep I ever got. I want there to be no drama between us, all just normal. And whatever Trent atau Heather says we-"
"Ignore them..." Gwen and I berkata together, our voices trailing off.
"Gwen," I sighed, "listen, Trent came up to me after anda berkata anda were gonna find wood, and, well, he told me that you're still into him. That anda don't, don't, l-love me..."
I looked at her sadly. She looked back at me.
Then Gwen pointed out, "Duncan, you're crying."
My eyes widened. I felt near my eyes, and she was right. I was crying. I blushed nervously.
"I-I'm sorry, it's just... I didn't want to believe anda didn't cinta me back. It was too painful. And, I think anda look so beautiful, Gwen." I found myself saying that sentence like a total gentleman. Wow, I wonder if she likes that type of ciuman ass.
Apparently not.
Gwen's smile faltered. She took a step back, not smiling anymore. "What has gotten into you, Duncan? This is not the hot, juvie-punk teen I fell in cinta with on that first hari of camp." She berkata firmly and coldly.
She started to walk away. I can't loose her! I thought.
"no..." I managed. "No, I'm the same as ev-"
Then it clicked. Everything clicked. I was akting weird, stupid, an idiot goody-two shoes, a sap, if anda must.
"Y-you're right." I whispered. Gwen stopped and turned to look at me, her face expressionless.
I sighed. "You were right. I have not been myself lately. I've been sappy, and-" I took a deep breath to get in all my idiocies,
"I've acted weird, stupid, like an idiot, like a goody-two-shoes, a ciuman ass, an uptight poll-up-your butt loser, and-"
Gwen put her hand over my mouth.
She looked down and said, "All of that is true, except for the last one. anda were NOT akting like Courtney."
I chuckled a bit and took her hand off my mouth.
"I was Trent for those times, and I know anda l-loved him. I know anda loved how he acted. But now..." Pause for dramatic effect... "IT'S TIME TO COME TO THE DARK SIDE!!" I shouted.
I pretended to pull out a lightsaber, and made the weird noises. Duncan, is, BACK!
She giggled and "pulled" out her lightsaber, and WE BATTLED TO THE DEATH!
"Now, little girly girl," I shouted and winked, "it is time for your death! oleh FALLING OFF A 2 FOOT CLIFF... ER... OF DOOM!"
"I'M NO GIRLY GIRL!" Gwen shouted back and laughed.
I pushed her off the little cliff and she crouched down, and held the edge with one hand, like she was dangling.
"Gwen!" I berkata in my Darth Vader voice. "I am your boyfriend," I felt strange and happy when I berkata that. I'm Gwen's boyfriend. She's my girlfriend. I continued, "together we shall rule this game as BF, and GF!"
"Nooooooo!!" Gwen mocked.
We both laughed so hard, then I stopped laughing, and got really worried.
"Oh no..."
"What?" Gwen asked getting up.
I took her hand and said, "It's noon of the first hari of the challenge."
We looked at the lake, and I said, "We're screwed." Gwen held my hand tightly.