Chapter 1
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
*in the dudes' trailer thinking*
Man, when I got booted last season, i thought that was a load of banteng crap, but everybody didn't have much of a choice. Gwen told me, "Sorry anda had to lose over a tray of stickybuns," 'Cause that fat-lard Owen didn't touch the tiki head when he got to camp.
God, i missed Gwe-OWEN!! The dude was, was r-really, umm... nice? Aw, who am I kidding. I dunno really who i missed the most; Gwen atau Courtney. Not Owen. I'm talking about relationship wise.
Gwen is really awesome, into horror movies, likes heavy-metal music, we have a lot in common, and she has the most beautiful deep green eyes- ONTO COURTNEY!! <=D
Courtney is really hot, into romance movies, *makes gagging face* likes ochestra music, we're chemicals that don't really mix, and her eyes are just, well... just plain black!
I don't understand, I thought I missed Courtney after she left. I thought that she had been the one. But Gwen and I get along so well...

Gwen: Courtney's not on the show, and Duncan's not bothered. Do anda think...
.::End Confessioncam::.

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
*same night on the bridge*
I sat out on the bridge thinking out loud, "Man, it's so quiet out here. I bet Duncan's already in tempat tidur sleeping-" A voice behind me said, "You mentioned my name?" I screamed, jumped up, and spun towards the voice. It was Duncan. He looked worried. "Gwen, are anda ok?" I sighed, relieved. I said,
"Yeah, I'm ok."
He raised one eyebrow.
"Yeah, I am..."
"Then why'd anda scream, sunshine?"
I blushed when he called me 'Sunshine'.

Duncan: Ha. She's hiding something, I can tell. >:3
.::End Confessioncam::.

I sighed sadly and slumped up against a fake willow tree. Duncan sat beside me.
"Can anda keep a secret?" I asked him quietly. Duncan scoffed, "Probably not, but shoot!"

Chapter 2
I said:
"Ok, *sighs* Well, when i was in, like, 2nd grade, my brothers told me scary stories every night. Like about the Ripper, and the Scream, even the boogy man. I never belived them, but one night, my brother, jagger, told me a story about a man, who stalks your house every night, looking for a-a w-way in, and-"
-my voice cracked, I was on the verge of tears- "and I-I f-f-feel
like, like I'm being, being... WATCHED AND I'M SCARED!!!!!!!!" I broke down and started to bawl. God, that was embarassing!!
I felt Duncan scoot closer and hug me tight. Affectionatelly almost. Which was weird. But I didn't care if it was weird, I was glad he did it. I felt like he would protect me. I guess I felt better, but I still cried pretty viggerasly.
"Shh, it's ok, Gwen. Duncan's gotchya," Duncan berkata softly.
"no one's gonna talke anda away, from me."

Gwen: What did he say?
Duncan: AW, SH*T!!
.::End Confessioncam::.

(Duncan's P.O.V.)
I was holding a crying Gwen under a freakin fake tree, and I had just blown it. I wanted to memukul myself and call myself an idiot right then.
But as soon as I said, "from me", Gwen hugged me back tightly and stopped crying as hard. I turned Gwen toward me at arms length. I tilted up her chin with my thumb and finger to look at her tear-stained face. I leaned into ciuman her, but then that retarded Chris blew his dumb megaphone and scared the crap out of Gwen and I.
Gwen looked really worried.
"What?" I asked her, still holding her at arms length.
"What'll all the others think if we come out of the woods together??"
That struck me hard. How? But then I remembered my short cut I always use to get out here quickly.
I smirked at her. "I have my ways, sunshine." She blushed again.

Chapter 3
(Leshawna's P.O.V.)
*in the girls' trailer*
I woke up suddenly hearing Chris blow that dumb siren. I bonked my head on Bridgette's old bed. "Uhhg, Is that guy gonna do that EV'RY season?!" I asked lebih myself than anyone in the trailer. "Probably," Heather grumbled.
I looked around the room, and saw Gwen was gone. Izzy noticed that I was looking around for Gwen, and said, "Yeah, I noticed she was gone when she left."
"When did she-" I asked with wide eyes, but I was cut off bye Chris yelling through his megaphone, "C'mon, kiddies! Are Gwen and Duncan the only ones participating today?!?"
My eyes widened. So did Izzy's.
We got on our stuff and ran outside. Sure enough, there was Gwen right outside the trailer door, so we accidentally knocked her over, and Duncan was outside of the dudes' trailer door.

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
Duncan showed me his short cut from the bridge to the trailers. It was a really quick short cut. I wanted to ciuman him to thank him, but the cameras were about to roll, and Chris would tell everyone, making my life miserable with Trent. Wait. WHAT AM I SAYING?? I'm in cinta with TRENT! Not Duncan! I'm with Trent, not Duncan! I shouldn't be thinking about ciuman Duncan, atau touching Duncan, atau hugging Duncan, or... AH!
Anyways, Trent and I have to pick our teams today, and I know who's going on my team. ;)

Leshawna: *looks at the camera suspiciously*
Izzy: Oh yeah, I saw Gwen leave. She muttered something about going to a bridge atau something. O.O
.::End Confessioncam::.

Chapter 4
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
Dang, I had just technically admitted that I like my best friend, to my best friend!!
Do I really like her... lebih than a friend...?
*shakes it off*
Anyways, all of the dudes, except Trent, lined up in a row. The girls did the same without Gwen. Gwen stood on the guys side, Tent on the girls.

(Trent's P.O.V.)
After that alien egg hunt yesterday, Gwen and Duncan have been really friendly towards each other. Too friendly. I waved to Gwen and smiled. She smiled weakly and waved back. Why wasn't she her usual self, I wondered? (*Me: btw it's supposed to be a pertanyaan mark*)
Chris explained we'd pick school yard style, boy girl boy girl. And since there were no girls, (When Chris berkata that, I got offended. Gwen is indeed a girl.) Gwen went first. I wondered who she would pick first?

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
I didn't want to seem like I was SOO excited to pick a boy first, even though I was. So i casually and nonchalantly said, "I don't know... Duncan?"
Trent gasped and looked at me weird, like he was trying to say, Why HIM??
Duncan smiled mischievously, walked up to me, and gave me a high five.

Trent: They are getting WAY to friendly.
Gwen: I wanted to say to Duncan so desperately, 'Thanks for comforting me last night,' but the camera was on and Trent would be P.O.ed.
.::End Confessioncam::.

Trent was SERIOUSLY P.O.ed, but how did I know, anda ask? Because he said, "Well I choose, the BEAUTIFUL Lindsay!" Lindsay squeeled with joy. Sometimes I just wanted to strangle that girl. I thought, 'The beautiful? Wow, how low can anda get?'.
I ended up with this team:
Heather (keep your enemies closest, Leshawna had said)
And then me. It was a great team.
Trent got:
Iz-CRAP! E-scope
and himself.
Chris shouted, "Meet me at the craft services tent in 10! We'll be right back, AFTER THIS!!" The camera's turned off, and left with Chris trailing behind them.

(Heather's P.O.V.)
When Gwen put me on her team, I was really freakin suprized! But not when she chose Duncan. Those two BOTH creep me out, and Gwen was gone this moring. Harold told me Duncan was gone too. And I want to know where they went. I want jawaban from that weird goth-girl.
Duncan just left the set, and so, did, Gwen. They're up to something...

Chapter 5
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
I left the set because everyone was either, complaining about their teammates, talking pep talks, atau stratigizing. A whole set of Courtneys.
Gwen followed me and whispered in my ear, "Meet me at the bridge?"
I snickered, "I'll beatchya there."
"HA! Is that a challenge?"
I winked at her and sprinted towards the short cut.
Gwen laughed, "YOU GET BACK HERE!" She had the most beautiful laugh.
*at the bridge*
I looked at Gwen carfeully. I smiled a bit knowing that she's my best friend.

Gwen: I saw Duncan looking at me, of course! With his big, teal eyes- GAH!
Duncan: I was akting idiotic!!
.::End Confessioncam::.

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
Duncan was smiling at me, and I liked it. GRR I MEAN I DIDN'T LIKE IT! Well I did, but NOT IN THAT TYPE OF WAY... I JUST, uhg.
Anyways, to break the silence, I said, (just to make him feel awkward) "Sooo, have anda been missing Courtney?" He actually started to blush a little bit! Duncan stuttered, "S-sorta..." then he got a little angry. "Why do anda need to know?" I backed up a little bit, offended. "I-I just wanted to kno-"
"Well anda aren't gonna know 'cause it ain't your business!" Duncan interrupted with gritted teeth. I got really scared. His facial expression was one I had never seen on him. It looked like when anda just pissed off a cobra, all mean and irritated. Duncan's fists were clenched. And one of his fists was clenched on his pocket knife.

(Duncan's P.O.V.)
How could she ask that?? I know she has a crush on me, why would she bring up another girl? I didn't want to talk about f*cking Court I wanted to talk about Gwen and I! *slaps self* WHAT AM I SAYING??
Grr.. anyways, that pertanyaan was pretty personal! But I saw Gwen was backing up slowly, and then she ran. My eyes widened and looked around for a reason to run. Was there a beruang behind me? Prehistoric ducks? Neither. I looked down and I saw my hand with my pocket pisau in it, looking like I was about ready to strike a vampire with it.
I was furious with myself. I had let the girl of my dre- I MEAN... The girl of, my, er, drembles... get away...
I quick konked myself on the head, and yelled for her. "GWEN!" I finally found her. I grabbed her arm and she stopped, looking at the ground.
"I'm sorry." I berkata quietly.
"I just wanted to make anda feel akward..." Gwen berkata in a raspy whisper. She sounded like she had been crying for hours.
I turned her around to look at her tear filled eyes. "I'm sorry..." I berkata again, "that you're gonna be wrestled!!"
At first she looked confused, but then her confusion slowly melted away to grinning evily. Gwen pinned me down, but I got on puncak, atas of her. I pinned her down.
We sat there a minute, just looking at each other. I wanted to ciuman her so bad.
I guessed that she heard my thoughts, because she puckered her lips, and I kissed her.

- - - - - - - - - -

We kissed for a while on the ground, then Gwen suddenly pulled her lips away, gasped, and pushed me off of her.
"Ow..." I grumbled.

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
"I'm dating TRENT! This, this is wrong!!"
I berkata half to myself.

Gwen: But it felt so right! AHRG!! What am I saying? I don't have those types of feeling for Duncan!! I don't! I don't! I-I... I do...
.::End Confessioncam::.

Duncan looked at me and laughed, "Cool it, sunshine," -I blushed after he berkata that- "at least it wasn't on cam-" His eyes widened. He lunged on something in the bushes. "AH HA!!" Duncan shouted. Then I heard Chris saying, "OW! Watch the hair, dude!" Duncan pulled out from the bushes a squirming Chris, and he was holding a camera!!
Duncan held up his fist to Chris's face and said, "You better hapus that footage, atau I'll hapus your hair in your sleep, McClean!"
Chris nodded nervously and deleted the footage, atau so we thought...