Gwens P.O.V.:ok so last night was weird, duncan is avoiding me, and brigette is stalking duncan. I finally saw him and confronted him, "Ok what is your deal?!" i said, hes probably gonna break up with me thats why hes been avoiding me. "Well, uh this is kinda hard to say but-" i stopped him. "Listen, i know your probably breaking up with me, thats why your avoiding me so im just gonna leave and anda can go back with courtney ok!"i saw him with tears in his eyes, then I ran into the forest, thinking that is the only place where i could be alone. why me? Suddenly i had a weird feeling, whats happening?!

Duncans P.O.V.: I cant believe how stupid i was being! Now she thinks i broke up with her! Im gonna go find her, i think she went in the woods. *In the woods* I heard something screaming, "GWEN!!" Whats wrong?! As I got to the edge of the forest I saw a big, black serigala with a blue streak going down its back. "WHAT DID anda DO WITH GWEN!!" and i lunged at the monster.

Gwens P.O.V.: What is Duncan doing! All im doing is going over to him and he yells 'What did anda do with gwen' HELLO im right here, even though for some reason i cant get back up on two legs doesnt mean im scary. Anyways, that feeling i had before went away so im good. WHAT THE?! WHATS DUNCAN DOING *falls to the ground*

Duncans P.O.V.: Alright, i took down the serigala easy. But it was glowing for some reason, must be my imagination. WAIT did that thing just- WHAT THE HECK! ITS GWEN! *school nurse* "Duncan, what happend, why did anda attack me?" she said. Wow she doesnt even know what happend, i feel really bad. "Well, uh anda see, uh-" the stupid nurse cut me off. "You have the blood of a half-wolf atau what anda would call now, werewolf" uh oh i hope gwen takes this ok, dont want another accident.

Gwens P.O.V.: OK THIS IS CRAZY! What, now im a monster, UGH! i cant believe it! "Gwen, before, i wasnt trying to break up with you, i was trying to tell anda that i found what my special talent is! I can stop time!" Wow, didnt see that coming."Its alright, I forgive you" and i kissed him on the cheek.

Duncans P.O.V.:YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3