Gwen's P.O.V
"Welcome kiddies!" stupid and annoying Chris said. God how I hate him. Well the good thing about this tampil is that Dun- I mean Trent is here. Well we are dating (me and Trent) and I don't even like Duncan. Oh god I'm SO jealous cuz Duncan just walked in with his arm around Courtney! Wait, WHAT??? Oh well, I'm thinking of breaking-up with Trent.

Trent's P.O.V.
Oh crap, I honestly think Gwen's breaking-up with me. I dont kno why but- man she did want 2 cuz she just did. hopefuly it waznt cuz she liked *him*!

Duncan's p.o.v.
God i really want 2 see gwen cuz last season she got the boot and i tried taking it from her so she could stay. WAIT, WHAT AM I SAYING??? i honestly dont like her. i dont i dont i,i,i, i do.

Courtney's p.o.v.
Of course i luv Duncan! but i kno he likes gwen. i can feel it.

Gwen's p.o.v.
"hey Duncan, whats up?" "oh nothin." "meet me at the confessionals,k? "sure." Oh god what did i do??? oh well i might as well confess my luv 4 him, i guess.

Duncan's p.o.v.
gwen invited me 2 the confessionals and i wonder why??? "hey, srry about draggin' u here." she said. "its ok. why do u want me here?" well...ummmmmm.... uhhh...." she sputtered."
"r u-" i was cut off oleh Gwen's warm sweet lips.

Gwen's p.o.v.
while i was ciuman Duncan, i felt sparks. real live crazy, sparkiling fireworks. HE ACTUALLY KISSED ME AFTER WE PULLED APART!!! i guess he felt fireworks 2.

while all this was happening it was caught on the camera in the confessionals. hehehe.

2 be contenuied...