That night, we were back on the Jumbo Jet. Apparently the Aftermath raised a tank load of cash for us. But, even though we won last time, we were in economy section. Why? Hell if I know. Something atau other about a special guest. I was sitting selanjutnya to Duncan with my hand resting behind me. The selanjutnya thing I know, Courtney was sitting on my hand. I hissed and screamed while I pulled my hand close to me. Courtney didn't even apologize. She just sauntered over to Heather who was complaining about being down here. I looked around. Sierra was updating her Twitter with a... pizza box? Tyler was sitting selanjutnya to Noah, and Alejandro was trying to sleep. He suddenly stood up and walked out.

Then Chris told us that we had to jump out of the plane. Duncan and I were the last to get to the elimination room, and we ended up having to share a parachute. We looked around. Duncan pulled on the backpack and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Ready to jump?" he asked while he secured one of his arms around me while the other was ready to release the chute.

"Ready." I sighed. Then we jumped. We screamed, only to land selanjutnya to a double decker bus.

"You cool?" he asked while we both stood up. He pulled off the backpack.

"Yeah. I"m good." I said.

"Cool." He berkata before we walked onto the bus. We sat selanjutnya to each other in the front. Every other kursi was already taken. Chef gunned it, and then Chris started telling us about London. And that we were to hunt down Jack the Ripper. Probably just an actor in a costume. Then we learned we were heading to the Tower of London.

"We got this." I berkata while I leaned back.

"Totally." Duncan berkata while he also leaned back. Heather was freaking out about Alejandro being gone. Wait... He's gone. What the fuck is this?

When we got to the Tower of London, we found out we had to strip a guard down. Wow. Just wow. We just have to find clues to where The Ripper is hiding out and bring him back. No problem. Since he was the topic of my sixth grade speech, this should be a no brainer. Then the song bel, bell rang. We all groaned.

Tyler: It's creepy how they stand there,
and don't even blink!
I don't wanna see his bum, all naked and pink!

Noah: hey buddy,
Can we bribe you,
to strip yourself down?

Tyler: Yum-Yum Happy Go Time Fish?

Noah: Don't kill him, anda clown!

Courtney: No way, I can't strip him,

Duncan will freak!

Heather: And I'm allergic to uniforms.

Duncan: Okay, that's just weak.

Sierra: I made a vow that Cody's the only man for me!

Me: Okay, so then I have to do it? Uh, hello! Injury! Ow!

Courtney: If we're gonna find that clue...

Heather: There's only one thing to do!

Sierra: Force someone to strip him down!

Courtney, Heather, and Sierra: And, sorry, Gwen, that's you!

Me: Ow! Oh, wait!

Noah: If we're gonna find that clue...

Tyler: There's only one thing to do!

Noah: Force someone to strip him down!

Noah: And Tyler, dude, that's you!

Me: Sierra! Look! It's Cody!
And I think he wants to strip!

Sierra: Poor honey! Quick, get out of those things.

And that will help, I bet.

Duncan: Yeah, we're gonna find that clue.

Heather: We're doing what Chris proposed!

Courtney: Force someone to strip him down!

Courtney, Heather, and me: Cause' if we don't, we're hosed!

Courtney: Totally ho-oh-Oh-oh-Oh-oh-Oh-oh-osed!

"Show off." Duncan whispered to me after Courtney sang the last note. I snickered. Then she read the note. She called for us to follow her. We ran up many... many... many... many... anda get the idea, flights of stairs. We ended up in a torture chamber. We hand to have someone get stretched.

"I volunteer Courtney!" Heather shouted.

"I detik that motion!" Duncan shouted.

"I carry the motion!" I shouted. Before she could protest, Duncan and I tied her on. She shouted at us. We just ignored her. Heather started cranking the wheel. I pushed her away and yanked the wheel harder. Courtney screamed.

"You did that on purpose anda fucking bitch!" she shouted at me. I smirked. Duncan then yanked the wheel harder. Courtney screamed again.

"Shit!" she screamed at the puncak, atas of her lungs. "I am not that flexible!" she shouted.

"I thought anda were a 'CIT'!" Duncan called to her. Heather and I laughed. It was then that I realized that Sierra and Cody weren't here. Well, it wasn't bothering us. Whatever.

"I am!" Courtney screamed. I yanked the wheel. "Fuck!" she screamed. I smirked. Man, this is liberating. I berkata to myself. Then we saw the clue. Ignoring Courtney, Duncan, Heather, and I read the clue. Then we ran down to the dining hall. Well, we landed outside the dining hall.

"You two go in, I'll wait out here." Heather said. Duncan pulled me inside. We looked around. Well, I did at least. Duncan slammed me into the stone dinding and crushed his lips onto mine. I hesitated, then sank into his sweet kiss. He placed his hands at the hem of my rok and pushed me into the table. I wrapped my legs around him. I felt him pull my rok down a bit, only to reveal a bit of my purple panties. I felt him pick at the hem of them. I accidentally pushed the jewelry box off the table. Something broke, and the clue fell out. I pushed Duncan off of me before we both got out of hand. I knew that if we kissed any longer, I wouldn't be able to stop.

"Stop..." I mumbled while I pulled up my rok and picked up the clue. As soon as I read it, I knew where we were going. Duncan and I ran to White Chapple.

When we got there, I saw Jack the Ripper. He was a bit taller then me, about as tall as Duncan. I saw his signature blade and cloak. I got ready to throw the sac over him. Duncan took a step towards The Ripper. He cracked his knuckles.

"Alright buddy, anda and me. Right now." Duncan growled. The Ripper looked at him and took a step towards Duncan. "Oh, what? To afraid to talk?" he asked.

"It's not that." A husky voice said. Guess The Ripper smoked. Then Duncan ran at him while I threw the sac over him. Caught. We smiled, laughed, and hugged. Then we carried him back to the plane.

When we got ready for the unmasking, we had our guy with us. Team CRRRRH had no one. When we tore off the sac, we saw that it was who I was dreading. Trent.

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