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(this ones short but it kinda get everything out of the way, and has DxGness! :D Soooo enjoy!)

The last part of the challenge was to make commercials for some kind of... er... I think it was candy. All I know is that we won, and Team Victory. From what Bridgette told me, it's either going to be Harold atau DJ. I can't say for sure though.

During dinner, I was looking for Duncan. He was sitting alone, mainly because Courtney was too busy arguing with Heather about who team leader was. Why didn't I see him before? I walked over to him and sat selanjutnya to him.

"Weren't anda going to tell me who anda were crushing on at dinner?" I asked him. He looked at me with a blank expression, as if trying to remember. Then he snapped his fingers.

"Right." He said. Before I could say anything, Duncan was dragging me into first class. He looked around, making sure no one was around.

"Okay, what's your dea-" I was cut off oleh Duncan pressing his warm lips against mine. I widened my eyes, but then sank into the feeling, loving every second. He cupped my face in his hands, my hands on his shoulders. Not wanting it to end, he pulled away, a bit of my lipstick smudged on his lips. I giggled slightly. He gave me a weird look. I pointed to his lips. He ran to the nearest bathroom, making sure that it wasn't the confessionals. He soon came back, lips clean. I smiled.

"Sorry. If anda don't like me." He berkata while he rubbed his arm. "And I know that anda were on the fence about getting back with Trent, and I'm with Courtney, so if anda want me to, I'll just-" before he could go on, I leaned up to ciuman him. He quickly responded while ciuman back. "Was that just to shut me up?" he asked when we pulled away.

"Not entirely," I said.

"So, we're together?"

"Not in public." I said, patting his chest lightly with my right hand. Then I had a thought. I moved away from Duncan and into the middle of the room. "Sierra?" I called tentatively. She walked through the doors that led into the dining common.

"What?" she asked.

"Just wanted to tell anda that Cody left his bag unguarded." I said, relived that she wasn't sneaking around here already. She squealed and ran over to Cody's bag. Duncan and I walked back into the dining common, him wiping my teal lipstick from his lips. It was unnoticeable from afar. But, everyone was heading back to their respected sleeping quarters. So, Duncan and I just went back. Cody screamed when he saw Sierra going though his stuff.

"Sierra? What are anda doing?" he shouted, half scared and half irritated. She looked at him.

"Ah, Cody-kins. I need to know lebih about anda honey!" she squealed. Duncan and I just walked back to where we were last night, and spent our time talking, until we fell asleep, my his resting on his shoulder and his head resting on mine. He also had his arm on my shoulder.

Oh! And Harold got eliminated. Only because he "sacrificed" himself for his team.

(Yay! Im posting this b4 my mom kills me 4 not cleaning my
room. Well please leave comments. Again full credit goes to Alternativeactress on fanfiction. Pleas and thank you! Starburst-Rock.)
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