Summary:Hurt filled teal eyes meet a teary, smokey black as they stared down the barrel of each others guns the first api was shot and the last thing to be heard was a horrid thud...and who would've guessed the twisted game cinta had laid out for these two?

Duncan is the big time crime boss in the city, respected, hated and feared, just the way he likes it. Unfortunately one gang, the one of his formal friend/rival, Alejandro was the only one that still had the guts to try and give him a run for his money. It had been like this for awhile actually, but Duncan enjoyed it all the same, it was made the business all the more…entertaining.

Today Duncan was taking his lawyer to the fanciest restaurant in town, Temptations. Why was he taking his lawyer to the fancy restaurant? Well berkata lawyer also happens to be one of Duncan’s ex girlfriends. Courtney has helped pull Duncan and his gang out of loads of trouble and today was having a little meeting to discuss some business. Duncan’s men had pulled a stake out job last night to get some information about Alejandro’s selanjutnya plan of action was, so he could devise a counter attack. He pulled up to the courthouse just as she was walking out. Hundreds of photographers taking her picture as she gracefully ignored them, she walked prideful down the stairs with her shoulders back and her head held high. In short she worked the public like a pro! As the group of flashing lights got to the car, she opened the door without a word and slammed it shut as Duncan took off down the streets.

“Well someone looks happy today.” He berkata speeding down the road.

“Well of course, I just won one of the biggest cases of year.” She berkata arrogantly and pointed to herself, then pulled her auburn hair from its bun and let it fall to her shoulders. Duncan snuck a look he found that action pretty hot, but paid attention when she started speaking again. “And got rid of one of your biggest problems.” She berkata in a lebih devious tone, Duncan gave her a similar look; he loved when Courtney got like tat.

“Really? So how is Joey doing?” he asked in the same tone, her smile widen as she leaned back in her seat.

“I don’t know, why don’t anda ask him in hmm…25 to 30 years, maybe?” she berkata tapping her chin pretending to think. Duncan laughed he liked when he could have these moments with her, but unfortunately that’s all they were, moments and they left just as quickly as they came. For the slightest mistake set her off and brought a lebih enraged version out, Duncan realized in deep thought he almost missed his turn and quickly turned to avoid going passed it. Regrettably during this Courtney’s face slammed into the window causing her to become extremely angry.

“Duncan, what the hell was that, anda could’ve killed me!”she yelled, Duncan rolled his eyes not seeing the big deal, he wasn’t swerving out of control and it’s going to take a lot lebih than her head to break that window.

“What, I think a little brain damage could do anda some good babe.” He snickered trying to lighten the mood, but on the inside he knew Courtney would take it far too seriously.

“This isn’t funny Duncan anda need to learn to be a better driver!” she bellowed again while rubbing the side of her face.

“Yes mom.” He heavily sighed, and then Courtney glared at him. “Look I just want to make it to the stupid place before they give out meja away.” He yelled back.

“That’s no excuse to drive like a psychopath!” she screeched waving her arms in the air just to emphasize how crazy he was, this was really starting to get on his nerves.

“Damn it Court, why do anda have to turn everything into a debate, this isn’t one of your trails anda can talk to me like, I don’t know a lebih civilized person!” he raised his voice back to her as he started driving faster. She scoffed at his reply was he serious, like he’s ever been civilized in his life!

“Ha! I’m the most civilized person in this car unlike the knuckle dragging Neanderthal selanjutnya to me!”Her eyes were slits now as she barked at the grumpy figure selanjutnya to her.

“I’d rather be a Neanderthal than some Bipolar Psychopath!” Duncan barked back as well, Courtney was about to retort, but stopped when Duncan slammed on the breaks, she instinctively held onto the dashboard as they came to a screeching halt. Seriously who was the real psychopath here! She looked out the window and noticed they were outside the restaurant’s entrance. “Alright, get out.” he berkata in a voice that was a mix between trying to stay calm and just flat out ticked.

“Why do I have to get out?” she questioned angrily, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Because I thought her royal pain would be oh so nice enough to go get our meja and cool down while I find us a parking spot.” He replied in the same tone as before.

“Fine.” The lawyer berkata in a calmer yet still angered tone and slammed the door as she left. Duncan mumbled angrily as he sped off to the parking lot. Soon the smile returned to his face, he loved how easy it was to push women over the edge. To him it was quite a turn on to see them angry, but even he knew the difference between hot and just plain annoying. Though it did make for a good rumble under the sheets, Duncan saw a parking luar angkasa and was about to take it, but slammed on the breaks when he almost hit a motorcyclist. Ok, so maybe Courtney was right, he could learn to be a better driver. The biker took off her ketopong, helm to reveal a woman with porselen skin and teal streaks mixed in with her ebony hair. She was wearing what looked like a waitress uniform as she wore a red vest over a white button shirt, black tie, matching dress pants and shoes.

“Seriously?! anda know what; take the freak ‘in spot!” she yelled then shoved the ketopong, helm back over head and sped off. Duncan scoffed as he took the spot the biker chick so graciously gave him, today…really wasn’t one of his best. As he began to walk away from his car he bumped into the angry biker from a few detik ago.“Oh, Sorry I-.” she stopped when she revealed it was the guy who almost ran her over. “You don’t look like anda work here?” she looked at him questionably as she observed his rather formal attire
“What are you-.” He was interrupted as she pointed to the sign behind him and realized he had parked in an ‘employee’s only’ spot. “Well I guess as of now I do.” He berkata cockily with a grin.

“You’re going to get in trouble, now pindah your car.” She berkata flatly as she started walking towards the buildings back entrance, with a certain criminal following behind.

“Glad to see anda care so much, but I can handle myself, sweetheart.” He was now walking side oleh side with her, much to her displeasure.

“Look Mr. Smooth Criminal, I just don’t want anything to upset my boss today, got it.” She replied as Duncan smirked at the nickname she gave him.

“Criminal, don’t anda think that’s being a bit biased?” he berkata in a playful tone, now it was her turn to smirk.

“Oh so anda can use big boy words, impressive, but please it’s practically written all over your face.” The teal haired girl berkata a small laugh, Duncan joined in with a chuckle. “Plus who would ever believe anda innocent?” her smile grew at even suggesting that he was.

“Alright, Alright point taken.” They got to the back door of the restaurant she was about to open it, but he stopped her. “Hey let me give anda a little something to remember me by.” He reached for the notepad in her pocket and the pen behind her ear. He began scribbling something down then tore the paper out and put it in her hand. She looked at the paper and saw a few numbers written on it, she smiled lightly. This guy had almost run her over a few detik yang lalu and now here he was hitting on her! She smiled and looked at him for a second, placed the paper in front of her and ripped it multiple times until it just wasn’t possible anymore. After she let it fall to the ground like confetti and stomped on it, all while wearing a sweet smile on her face. Duncan only smirked at her actions, hey not like it hasn’t happen to him before.

“Well see ya later.” She berkata as she opened the door only to reveal her enraged boss pushing her sweet friend out the door.

“Ugh, seriously, you’re making a big fuss over nothing it’s not like she came halaman awal half dead atau anything.” berkata the Asian hostess, she had her silk black hair tied into a bun and wore a short red tress with a slit on one side. Duncan recognized this girl all too well, she was the person every criminal would go to get the dirt on any regular person, corrupt corporation atau low life criminal, but she didn’t give out secrets for free, oh no, she was a strategic, manipulative witch that knows how to get in the head of anyone that comes her way and bend them to her will unknowingly, but that’s what made her, Heather.

“Don’t put that thought in my head!” exclaimed the long haired blonde worriedly, she was wearing a baby blue jacket, black skinny jeans and blue sandals.

“Bridgette?” the teal haired girl pertanyaan in disbelief.

“Gwen!”The blonde wrapped her arms around her friend lovingly then quickly pulled away with a look of pure concern plastered across her face. “Trent, Geoff, LeShawna and I are extremely worried about anda Gwen! Trent berkata anda came halaman awal last night with bruises, look I don’t like anda working here so late with her.” She berkata putting a venomous emphasis on the last word, Heather simply rolled her eyes and tapped her foot impatiently for Gwen to get inside and get to work.

“Look Bridge, I’ll be fine promise, now go back to the shelter before your shift is over.” Gwen berkata gently to her friend, then proceeded to walk inside, when the door was shut the blond let out a rather sad sigh.

“Sooo…you two are close huh?” Duncan berkata just to break the awkward silence; she just made the mood so, depressing.

“Oh yeah, Gwen and I’ve been best friends since high school.” She replied in a happier tone, but anda could still tell she was a bit upset. “Why?”
“Oh it’s just that I almost ran into that girl and I wanted to call her to give her my information, see I forgot to give her my number.” He rubbed the back of his neck pretending to be nervous, she fell for it.

“Neither of anda were hurt right, here I’ll give anda her number.” Hook, line and sinker, he knew this girl was your typical friendly nice girl. He knew from how she acted towards her friend and easily she trusted him without question. The criminal put the number in his phone and smiled mentally at his little victory. “Thanks for telling me, you’re an alright guy, well bye.” She berkata before walking off.

As she left he went inside the crowded uproar of the restaurant not wanting to make Courtney wait any longer. The classy restaurant was filled with white clothed tables and red carpeting, while elegant musik echoed the giant area. This was one of the reason why hated going to fancy places there music, was horrible! It was all boring, slow beats that could but anyone to sleep, he liked lebih upbeat and wild musik that really got your blood pumping. Duncan didn’t have to worry about upsetting his lawyer as she was too preoccupied in her PDA, seeing that she had obviously clamed down.

“Did we get anything from the stakeout last night?” Duncan asked leaning back in his chair.

“No there was a little…mishap.” Courtney strained to get the last words out; she knew Duncan always got heated when things didn’t go his way.
“What!?” he yelled as he slammed his fist on the meja earning them some estrange looks from the other.

“Will anda keep your voice down we’re in a public place!” she whispered yelled as she tried to hide her embarrassment behind her PDA. Duncan sighed and tried to calm down he knew if he went ballistic here he’d be kicked out.

“Well, what exactly happened at the station?” he asked still trying to hold in his rage.

“Your men berkata they were attacked oleh someone, they think that maybe Alejandro left a look out just in case.” She berkata as she read the messages from her PDA.

“That’s impossible Doris-boy, scanned that whole area and berkata it was clean, oh he’s so gonna get it when I see him!” he whispered lebih to himself than to Courtney.

“They were able to obtain just a few documents before they left, something about his records atau file history, they’re not exactly sure.” She took a sip of the whine in her glass as she continued to read their information.

“What about his arsenal did they at least manage to get something from that?” he asked in frustrated tone he really hated it when his plans just blew up in his face and brought him back to square one.

“Actually the person that attack was so kind enough to drop their weapon and give us a clue.” She berkata in and self-satisfied manner.

“Really who’s La Cucaracha’s dealers?” he leaned back in his kursi eager to know the answer. Courtney rolled her eyes they were dealers Duncan used for rare occasions, but she still didn’t like them, most if not all there weaponry was illegally imported and had the most insane attachments!

“Ugh…It’s Izzy and Tina’s weapons.” She strained to say, she really didn’t like them, one they were insane, two wanted in states across the globe, and three their weapons were basically instant death sentence, well there, “E-Scope and Expolsivo Special’s” were.

“That makes sense!” he exclaimed they may have been crazy, but their weapons were incredible! In a good way of course, but there was only one problem. “Izzy and Tina are always on the pindah so no one really knows where they end up, it’s good information, but it still isn’t getting us anywhere.” He rubbed his chin in deep, to beat Alejandro was going to take some serious thinking, man did he hate thinking.

Gwen was in the dapur placing orders for the hundreds of chefs to prepare, she heard that one table, 72 needed a waitress so she berkata she would take care of it after she finished talking with Heather. Heather had pulled her aside into the hallway that lead to her office and leaned against the dinding handing Gwen a rather large amount of money.

“Here this is your payment for last night, anda did better than I expected.” She berkata with an amused look on her face, Gwen rolled her eyes and smiled snatching her pay from Heathers hand.

“Well it wasn’t easy there were lebih people than he’d berkata there be so it was a bit difficult. Where anda able to get the chip like he wanted?” Gwen asked as she counted her money to make sure it was a fair amount, sure she’s grown close to Heather over the years, but that didn’t mean she was an idiot. Heather flashed a tiny green chip in her face and smiled wickedly.

“I don’t see why we can’t hold out a bit longer and see if we can find out what’s on this chip ourselves, I’ve got people.” She threw it in the air and caught it.

“Aren’t anda the one that berkata we should be careful around him, he already suspects anda for treason.”Gwen relied, Heather scowled at her.

“Yeah he suspects me, but…he trusts his right hand man, as long as you’re oleh his side weirdo we can snake our way to the top.”Heather berkata with a mischievous smirk. Gwen glared at her angrily she always changed the plans, but she had to admit her diabolical schemes been working so far.

“Fine, anda get yourself killed, I on the other hand have orders to fill so I’ll call anda tomorrow night after the meeting.” With that Gwen left and went to find the new meja she was waitressing.

Duncan and Courtney were sitting at their meja still discussing the information and progress his gang had been making, it was still too early to call, but Duncan had come up with a plan that might help him take out Alejandro’s gang for good. All he needed though was an sucker to sneak their way into his territory, someone who he could mold into a perfect little double agent.
“Tell everyone to get their equipment ready, were going to the dealer tomorrow.” He berkata casually drinking his Corona.

“How in the world are anda going to that exactly?” the lawyer accused eyeing him skeptically.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about that Princess; I’ve got this under control.” He berkata haughtily as he held his glass in the air. hey yelped as he received a kick in the leg from under the table, and then glared at Courtney’s grinning face. Finally their waitress came and as Duncan looked up to place his order he was quite pleased with the irony of it all. Maybe this hari wasn’t so bad after all…