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posted by poulamikundu
anda sewed the button of music
In the kemeja of my heart
Just like a 'TAYLOR'
And did it so 'SWIFT'
That even I couldn't recognize
When developed in my jantung for you
A great love, which is growing greater.

When I was sad, your songs made me happy.
When I was low-spirited, your songs made me
get up and dance.
Be it your rocking numbers like "22" or
"I knew anda were trouble" which is so sweet.
I loved all of yours.

From a girl who only listened to the cartoon songs
Now I'm a complete Swiftie!
Your songs take my imagination high above
Up to the mountains, not the normal ones,
But ones that are lofty.

And at last I want to tell anda Taylor
anda travel through the sea of my heart
On your ship of music, just like a sailor.
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