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 Taylor - new 'Abduction' still
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Name: Taylor Daniel Lautner
Birthday: February 11,1992
Height: 5’10
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Parents: father Dan-a commercial airline pilot mother Deb- stay-at-home mom
*At the age of ten Taylor and his family moved to Los Angeles
Siblings: younger sister Makena
Pets: A Maltese dog named Roxy

favorit movie: Iron Man, Dark Knight, Braveheart
favorit TV shows: American Idol and So anda Think anda Can Dance
favorit bands: U2, Black Eyed Peas
favorit dinner: daging panggang, steak atau burgers
favorit icecream: Cake Batter from Cold Stone Creamery
Pastime: Drawing (*he loves making home-made birthday cards)
Date: Going for pizza
Flowers: Roses
Book series: The Twilight Saga, The Hardy Boys
Fave Twilight book: Eclipse
Worst habbit: “I can’t stop tapping my foot when I’m nervous.”
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