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This tangled wallpaper might contain buket, korsase, seikat bunga, buket korsase, and nosegay.

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NOTE: This will be my 1st ever fan-fiction (: I hope anda guys enjoy the story, I tried my best on it (:
"Bring back what once was mine..." finished with the lullaby, Rapunzel set princess Rana to sleep.
SWOOSH ~~~ The windows opened suddenly. The cold wind ran down Rapunzel's spine. She felt a chill of an evil presence around her. Hearing footsteps,she turned around to see, and saw MOTHER GOTHEL !
Rapunzel gasped,surprised and shocked as ever, she screamed. But someone covered her mouth before anything came out.
She tried to scream as loud as she can, but still, nothing came out of her covered...
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