Tamaki stared at Haruhi from across the room, he felt so munch for her, but he couldn't figure out 'what' he felt for her atau how to express 'What' how he felt.

"What's wrong Tama-chan?" Honey asked before he took a mouthful of cake.

"It's Haruhi, I feel very strange when I think about her, and see her, and talk to her....." Tamaki replied

"You think about Haru-chan?" Honey berkata after anther bite of cake

"NOT LIKE THAT!!!" Tamaki yelled

Honey just giggled, "Try thinking like me!"

Tamaki blinked "You've lost me."

"I mean: Go over to Haruhi think sweet thoughts like I do and then tell her all the sweet things that come to mind when anda see her." Honey berkata inhaling lebih cake

"Funny that might work..." Tamaki berkata gazing at Haruhi again

"It'll be cuter if anda sing it!" Honey berkata moving onto his selanjutnya cake.

"Your right, Ok here I go!!" Tamaki then ran across the room over to Haruhi who was making instant coffee "HARUHI!!" he said

"Hello sempi." Haruhi berkata flatly

He probably shouldn't have yelled her name....

Tamaki then quickly turned Haruhi over to face him. 'sweet thoughts' he reminded himself

"Haruhi you........." the sweetest thing ever hit him he them pulled Haruhi into a sweet loving hug.

"Your my hunnybunch
Pumpy umpy umkin
your my sweetie pie
Your my cuppycake
gula permen karet
Soogum boonkie
your the apel, apple of my eye
and I cinta anda so
and I want anda to know
that I'll always be right here
and I cinta to sing
sweet songs to anda
because anda are so deer!!!"

"Oh Tama-chan.....THAT WAS SO CUTE!!!" Honey cried

"Yeah boss!" the twins berkata one of them wiping a tear from there eye.

"Corney but cute." Kyoya berkata with Mori nodding in agreement.

"It was pretty cute." Haruhi berkata low enough for only Tamaki to hear with a cute little smile on her Rosie red blushing cheeks

Tamaki smiled and held her tighter

"Thanks Cupcake..."He whispered in her ear