Girls' Generation member Kim Taeyeon is feeling good this year.

Among her K-pop idol peers, the Girls' Generation member received the most network musik tampil trophies in 2015.

The idol was very active with musik promotions this year, having comebacks with Girls' Generation and TaeTiSeo, as well as making her solo debut.
"Thanks for all the cinta and support that I received, I could sing with great joy," berkata Taeyeon, as reported oleh K-Pop Herald. "I can’t forget 2015 since I actively pursued my musical career as a member of Girls' Generation, TaeTiSeo and also as a solo artist."

Taeyeon ranked number one around 32 times (so far), due to the success of the hit summer singles "Party" and "Lion Heart" as well as her single "I."
She is currently promoting with her fellow TaeTiSeo members Seohyun and Tiffany for their winter single titled "Dear Santa." Will she be able to take halaman awal lebih trophies before the end of the year?