On April 17th, SNSD was met with an unfortunate accident involving a male audience member who trespassed onto their stage at the “Angel Price musik Festival” at the Lotte World ice rink.

Towards the end of their performance of “Run Devil Run“, a male audience member intruded on their stage from the back and attempted to pull Taeyeon away oleh grabbing her wrist.

The other SNSD members were caught off-guard, but Sunny reacted quickest and tried to stop him but could not do so. The show’s host, comedian Oh Jung Tae managed to stop the man, and security staff intervened thereafter oleh apprehending the man and preventing any further accidents from occurring.

Audience members reportedly looked on with shock, and were further impressed with Taeyeon’s professional attitude in returning and performing until the end.

A representative of SM Entertainment stated after the incident, “During the latter part of the event, there was an unexpected accident. Taeyeon, however, handled the matter bravely, and security staff prevented the situation from becoming lebih severe. At first, the audience and konser representatives all thought that a staff member was going on stage. After the concert, SNSD returned back to their dorms and are currently resting. We’re glad that the incident did not escalate into something lebih severe.”

With footage and pictures of the incident spreading on the internet, netizens have been posting messages of protest against representatives of the concert.


Also Taeyeon cried after being pulled out of the stage. Poor Taeyeon unnie :(

That guy is a freak. I think he is probably desperate atau something.

Oh JungTae: Don’t call me a hero

Upon the incident stage intrusion incident at Lotte World Ice Rink earlier today (April 17th), comedian Oh JungTae berkata he was “surprised”. Oh JungTae, who was the MC for the event, helped to stop the unwanted incident.

After the event, Oh JungTae called bintang News and stated “During the performance, I saw a male stranger going onto the stage to grab Taeyeon so I went up to stop him. After that, the body guards came up to put a stop to the situation.”

Upon receiving praises for saving Taeyeon, he responded, “Don’t treat me like a hero. I just happened to be the first to see and went up. anda are embarrassing me.”

He continued “I was surprised, and Taeyeon was surprised as well. After the incident, she berkata ‘Thank you’ to me and had a small chat with me.”

He stated, “Because of the situation, I don’t know what happened to that guy afterwards. I just knew I had to go up to the empty stage to calm down the confused audience”.

According to SM Entertainment, Taeyeon was surprised but only thought of it as an “incident” and decided to let bygones be bygones. She then continued her performance without any further disruption. There was no harm done and she returned to the dormitory afterwards.

Credit: star.mt.co.kr
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com


Coupang releases apology for “Angel Price musik Festival”, will issue full refunds

Social commerce business ‘Coupang‘ has released an official apology regarding the incident that occurred with SNSD’s Taeyeon at the “Angel Price musik Festival“.

Through their official homepage, Coupang wrote:


“First of all, we would like to bow our heads and apologize for worrying SNSD, all of SNSD’s loving fans, and the customers of Coupang.

This musik festival was the launching event for ‘Angel Price’, and under malaikat Price’s request, Coupang handled the concert’s ticket sales. Unfortunately, Coupang was inadequate in the way we sold and distributed the tickets. There was also an unfortunate incident during SNSD’s performance which disturbed our customers and SNSD’s fans. Due to everything listed above, Coupang will be taking full responsibility of the issue.

As such, everyone who bought tickets through Coupang will get a full refund. We will work our best to make sure that such an incident does not occur again.

We would like to apologize once again for the incident that occurred at the ‘Angel Price musik Festival’, and promise to become a Coupang that works even harder.

Thank you.”

Netizens have been tampilkan a cold response towards the apology, and although Taeyeon herself has stated that she would not be pressing charges, netizens feel that the konser failed to protect an artist that they had invited.

Many have been leaving komentar of criticism towards the site, such as, “Money is not the issue anymore, it’s unfortunate that the company is trying to pass the issue over with just a refund”, and “What would they have done if something had really happened to Taeyeon?”