supernatural What Is Your Favorit Season Two Episode?

Pick one:
In my time of dying (john dies, reaper)
everybody loves a clown (rakshasa)
bloodlust (gordon, vampires)
children shouldnt play with dead things (zombie)
simon berkata (Andy can tell people to do stuff)
no exit (h. h. holmes spirit)
the usual suspects (sam and dean get arrested, death omen)
crossroad blues (crossroads demon)
croatoan (demonic disease)
hunted (gordon, ava)
playthings (spirit in the hotel)
nightshifter (shapeshifter in the bank)
houses of the holy (spirit of priest)
born under a bad sign (demon in sam)
tall tales (trickster)
roadkill (2 spirits, greely)
jantung (madison=werewolf)
hollywood babylon (writer controling spirits to kill)
folsom prison blues (sam and dean solve a spirit case behind bars)
what is and what should never be (dean's wish comes true)
all hell breaks loose part 1(yellow eys kids competition, sam dies)
all hell breaks loose part 2 (sam comes back to life, devils gate, yellow eyes ki
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