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 Exclusive foto of the supernatural Cast | Misha, Jensen, Mark, and Jared
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This supernatural foto contains meja makan malam, meja makan, makan malam liburan, makan malam hari libur, and brasserie. There might also be ruang makan, breakfast area, breakfast nook, area sarapan, sudut sarapan, ruang rapat, ruang dewan, and ruang dewan chamber.

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 Red-eyed, lesser CRD
Red-eyed, lesser CRD
When we say that someone is "at a crossroads", we mean that they have an important, often life-altering, decision to make. The phrase comes from an ancient custom, reaching at least as far back as Babylonian times, of summoning demons to make a pact with them, often at a crossroads. Demon summoning can happen anywhere, at any time, and often involved certain "favors" being done with the demon in order to segel the deal. If a woman did the summoning and had a child out of the act, that child was diberikan over to the demon. In many cases, such as the famous story of Faust, the person did not just...
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posted by doctor-reid
Here comes another one XD Was listening to the song and thought that it fitted Dean's relationship with John. It was initially only going to be short, but as I wrote it, it kind of expanded into a longer fic with lebih of a storyline. Hope anda like it, set sometime between Sam leaving and Dean finding him at Stanford.


"Dean! Where do anda think you're going?"

"For a drive."


But Dean ignored his dad's yells. He slammed the motel room door and stormed to the Impala. He and his dad didn't get into fights often, but since Sam left they seemed to happen every other day. Dean...
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posted by Dean-girlx
 Ambra's current user icon!
Ambra's current user icon!
Alright! Here we go! :) FOTM interview with link

First off – introduce yourself!

Hi people :DDDD!!! *waves hand*
I’m Ambra, I’m 19 but I don’t look like 19 at all, I’m so short that I look lebih like one of the smurfs, I’m from Italy, I started universitas this tahun and I’m studying law! I love…..SPN, reading, surfing the net, SPN, watching Tv, Travels, SPN, Winter, natal and snow, SPN, pizza, coke, coffee and ice cream, SPN, swimming, vidding, talking on the telephone, SPN,meet ing new friends, music, SPN .. have I mentioned SPN???? :P I think that’s all :D ah of course this...
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posted by toti8
This my version of a SPN ABC.I hope I won't use it when I try to teach my little niece the alphabet!

A - apple-pie: It's always freakin' worth it, even if anda have a fugly scarecrow running after you!

B - brotherly love: This is the backbone of the show.To what lenghts do the Winchester brothers have to go to prove us how strong their bond is?

C - convention: Every fan's ultimate dream. *sighs*

D - dark-side: Something that has the effect of a magnet towards Sammy and won't seem to back off until he succumbs to it.

E - eye-candy: What the Winchesters provide us with every Thursday night!...
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