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These are some reasons why I cinta "Supernatural"
from 10-1

10. Baby.When John handed down, to Dean, his 1967 Chevy Impala. Dean drives this beautiful piece of American car engineering around the country. The bagasi, batang is big enough for an entire arsenal of evil fighting tools, such as stakes, salt, silver, shotguns, etc and other things like the boys gear. The back kursi is big enough to sleep in when there is no motel room in sight and maybe a few other things if the situation presents itself (remember Anna). She is a beautiful car as well as a character on the show. There are many names for Dean's car, but when he calls her "Baby," my jantung breaks.

9. Scare Factor. Many an episode has scared me half to death one being bloody mary and many made me wonder what would happen next. There is enough gore to keep it interesting and enough humor to keep it from being creepy I cinta the funny episodes.

8. Family History. The tampil started with the telling of what came before and it has never lost those roots well at least I think that. Even when the boys were fighting against the apocalypse, the sense of family was always there and the history that brought them to that point. In fact, we now know that it was always destined for Dean and Sam to fight each other in the war against good vs. evil because of their bloodlines. The story has twisted and curved a bit, but it has stayed true to its original course and was great to watch and kept anda guessing what was going to happen next.

7. Dad's Journal. In the beginning, John's journal was the wealth of information the boys learned from and workeed from. It detailed how to kill any number of monsters, detailed urban legends and helped the boys do their
job. It has not been used much in the later seasons, but once in a while it will make an appearance. It had an important role to play in teaching the boys and the audience at the same time. Also, as a person who never goes anywhere without her planner, I appreciate its importance!

6. Double mint Moments. In the beginning of the series, the boys were very close and they would do the same things at the same times and it was coined that they had Double mint moments. They would say the same thing at the same time, sit down atau stand up exactly at the same time, atau even close the car doors at the same time. These moments brought a little bit of humor to the seriousness of the scene. It also made the audience realize just how "in tune" the boys were with each other. As things have changed between the brothers, these moments are fewer and farther between.

5. Agent Names 1. I appreciate the homage the boys (and the writers, of course) pay to their favorit musik and film oleh using their names. They have used such aliases as Agent Nugent (Ted, no doubt), Ford and Hamill ("Star Wars"), Nigel Tufnel ("Spinal Tap"), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Fathers Simmons and Frehley (Kiss), US Marshals Billy Gibbons and Frank Beards (ZZ Top), Agents Page and Plant (Led Zeppelin), Detectives Bachman and Turner (Bachman Turner Overdrive), Mr. Campbell (Bruce), Mr. Raimi (Sam), Agents Angus and Young (AC/DC), Agents Tyler and Perry (Aerosmith), Agent Ulrich (Metallica), Coach Roth (Van Halen), Alonzo Mosley and Eddie Moscone ("Midnight Run"), and many more. It is always fun to try to figure out just whose name they are using and whose they will use in the future.

4. Soundtrack. Nothing rocks like classic rock and they use the best of the classics as the soundtrack to "Supernatural." anda can hear such great bands as Bad Company , AC/DC, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Styx and more. Those songs are great I never really listended to classic rock until I watched Supernatural

3. Outlaw Lifestyle. The boys have that freedom. They travel from place to place, save people and leave. No ties, no mortgages, no complicated day-to-day concerns, just the open road (and the apocalypse, nothing is perfect). That is my secret heart's desire and is one of the things I cinta most about this series.

2. Urban Legends and Monsters. The early seasons really explored many urban legends as well as monsters. Bloody Mary, Wendigos, ghosts and spirits, demons and so much lebih were shown. Many of the urban legends were populer ones that the audience already knew, such as making a crossroads deal. It was a great experience to see these legends played out on the small screen. It made us feel as if we were actually involved and I think that is why us fan are such avid followers of the show...we were included in the stories because we knew about them.

1: The Brothers. The number one reason to cinta "Supernatural" is the brothers. Sam and Dean make the tampil but thats my opinion. The characters are believable and we all actually care for them well I know I do. I, personally, have had a totally platonic crush on Dean since the first time I saw him. I have related to him, cried with him and felt his pain. It is a wonderful thing for a fan to connect so deeply with a character. There have been times when I was so mad at Sam (remember the time the boys were in Heaven and none of Sam's memories involved Dean) that I thought I would stop watching the show. Then I realized that the tampil would be nothing without either of the brothers, they are so in sync that it would never work with just one alone. They need each other and that adds the human dimension to this supernatural story.

that is the ten reasons why I cinta Supernatural
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