Mr. Mxyzptlk, Susie Tompkins, and Bizarro have to be in the selanjutnya Superman. anda can introduce Lex Luthor here being a philanthropist and being at fundraisers where Perry White is who loves him because they fund him, all the while he's building a military base at Metropolis Airport and bribing members of the military to work for him, that way in the selanjutnya one, he can start sending all those missiles and warheads at Superman. What anda do here as Superman's just arriving in Metropolis is explain why Metropolis? He was flying along the eastern seaboard, saw a commotion around New Yorkish, and then after saving the day, he's on his way out and notices a tiny planet above a building. He's intrigued. What the heck is going on with that? He flies in. It's the Daily Planet. He thinks it over -- how better to figure out what's going on in the world so the people who get saved oleh me aren't just lucky to be in the wrong place at the right time? He's falls for Lois of course who is one of those ambitious journalists who's so restless and wants to achieve things so bad that she's got no patience to wait for a story to come to her. Susie Tompkins is Lois Lane's niece and he's staying with her and it's essentially her who gives Mr. Mxyzptlk the idea for Bizarro-World. Ma Kent will give away all the details of her son and his weaknesses once Mxyzptlk puts a spell on her. He's out in luar angkasa and collects Kryptonite both blue in that same universe and green in the normal universe so that he can control both Bizarro and Superman. Bizarro fights superman over the city throwing trucks at him and all that. Mxyzptlk will be fooled into surrendering the blue Kryptonite to superman because superman will pretend he's Bizarro being weakened, thus this little imp will feel comfortable enough to come closer. superman then drops the act, takes the Blue Kypronite from him, and flies back out and kills Bizarro with it. Then he goes and beats Mxyzptlk because there's a point when Superman's like "enough Mix-pickle" and he's all "It's MIK-SIS-PIT-LIK!" Well after all kinds of carnage at the hands of Mxyptlk re-animating things like falling gargoyles and subway cars to make them fly with people in them, superman will simply spin the world back in time causing Mxyzptlk will say his name backwards...and knowing that he's a hari in the past after their wild adventure, Lois will write in her very first artikel about superman -- "THE MAN OF TOMORROW"