The difference between cinema of this type of yesterday and today is one very important person -- Quentin Tarantino. Observe--

Before Tarantino, movie studios were always quick to disregard comics because of the plausibility issues. Screenplays were, in Hollywood, always considered to be superior to comic buku for that particular reason. Evidence of this is all over the original superman and batman movies. superman III is the most glowing example of the way pre-Tarantino movie studios regarded comics because the stories are right there...but made with the aim of grounding it in as close to reality as possible. Unfortunately, with superman III came the task of doing this with Mr. Mxyzptlk, Brainiac, and Bizarro -- probably the three hardest challenges to do this with. In order to bring Mr. Mxyzptlk to the screen, we have to do a few things Warner Brothers would cry over -- have a tiny man floating around in a bright pantat, keledai jeruk, orange and purple outfit dispensing spells that will make the whole thing feel like Labrinyth. An encounter with Braniac entails entire skyscrapers being eaten. And Bizarro would guarantee parent advocate groups because with the pin that says "BIZARRO #1", they basically have added lebih insult after long revoked the card that says they're not insulting handicapped children with his appearence, dress, voice, and manners. He's Barney Rubble with brain damage.

Notice how the Christopher Nolan batman film seem to have asked, and operate on, this exact same very paradigm. This is the real reason Warner Brothers loves batman -- the fact that everything in Batman's world is there on Earth in reality puts it on even plane with a screenplay. As we saw with Dark know could run as an episode of Law and Order and few would know the difference.

But in the middle came Tarantino, who with Pulp Fiction and the endless discussions afterwards, made a film that essentially ran under the RULES OF A COMIC BOOK!!! Bullets going through people due to God trying to give them a chance to leave the business alive, horrible things happening and then the n-word being berkata directly to a black character whose life is so dangerous and crazy he can get called the n-word oleh a white guy and not even blink...the morality that came out of displeasing asthetic images...everybody's worthy of salvation...and then Kill Bill Vol. 1 which operated within the rules of a video game as well as a comic book. Suddenly, with millions and millions rolling in and movie executives noticing, boom...the foundation for Spider-Man was born...a movie that makes fun of everything in a way that Tarantino would, where he's transcending it at the same time -- observe Mary Jane talking for example.

In the '60s-90s, kids grew up with slews of wonderful film and shows that didn't talk down to them. Look at every cartoon.