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It made me laugh so hard!!!!!
rouge the bat
poker face
lady gaga
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?Sonic caught the emo because Shadow sneezed on him.Pretty weird but halarious!
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Cotton was drinking her teh oleh the fireplace. As she was taking a small sip, she heard screaming. It was getting louder and louder.
Sun's car smashed through the wall, Sun behind the wheel and Ash clutching the kursi for dear life, panting her lungs off. Sun had an insane smile on her face.
"Why did anda smash through my wall?"Cotton asked in a calm and soft voice.
Ash stopped panting and sneered at Sun. "THANKS SUN FOR TAKING ME FOR A FREAKIN' JOYRIDE!!!!"
Sun smiled. "No prob, Ash! I was taking the stick out of your butt."
Ash unbuckled her seatbelt, and Sun mimicked her as she opened her...
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Leader and flight: Rosalie the robo-bat (belongs to me)
Power: Moon the cat (belongs to ticklemeblue)
Speed: Kot the rubah, fox (Belongs to BlueLavendar)

Kill, kill, kill: Rosalie
Destructive: Moon
Violent: Kot

Rosalie is the leader because she was created (by X the Nightmare King) to kill, lead a team, and be the anti-Ash. She can kill through dreams, unlike many others who have tried. She once tried to kill Ash in her sleep through her dreams, but failed when she was awoken oleh her friends.
Moon was often too destructive to lead a team, and went on a blind rampage, so it was...
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Sun paced back and forth in front of the White House. Her best friends, Ash and Cotton, stood a few feet back. Ash gave Sun a irritated look. Sun shrugged and kept doing what she was doing. She finally started circling Cotton and shouted, "ROAR! ROAR!" She done that until Ash yelled a "harsh" command to stop.

Sun ignored and continued what she was doing. Cotton started taking one step to the left, right forward, and backward, which Sun just continued circling her. Finally, Ash got furious enough and tugged on Sun's hair.

"HEY!" Sun shouted.

"Stop being delinquent and stand over here. The president...
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Team Leader and Flight: Ash the Bat (belongs to me)
Power:Sun the Cat (belongs to Ticklemeblue)
Speed:Cotton the rubah, fox (belongs to BlueLavendar)

Hotheaded: Ash

The members of Team Burst never really fought over who the leader was going to be... Cotton was too shy, and Sun was too crazy, so Ash became the leader oleh default. At first, she didn't want to be leader... She hates leading people because she believes she might lead them right into a trap. Then Sun started pushing and pushing until she became the hothead she is now. Ash started shooting fireballs...
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Name:Ashlynn Rosalie Belladonna Black (Ash)
Species:Vampire Bat
Birthdate:October 31
Relationship status:Boyfriend named Drake
Fur:Gray with a red crescent moon on her forehead
Spines:Gray, three long bangs and long back spines
Eye color:Topaz yellow
Friends:Cotton the rubah, fox (BlueLavendar), Sun the Cat (ticklemeblue), Safire (Puppetmaster111), Rephiam (mine)
Enemies:Shadow, Candi Umbri (mine), anyone who disses her heritage
Brother:Vermillion (Mill)
Fave colors: Black, Red, Yellow, and Orange
Usual outfit: A black and red sleeveless shirt, a white skirt, and black boots
Fave musik genre:Rock...
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Name: Sun Michelle Fyopine
Age: 14
Species: Brown Tabby
Gender: Female
Birthdate:October 17th
Relationship Status: Single
Fur: Smooth Brown with light brown tail tip and muzzle
Hair: Long, Golden yellow, a little messy Eye Color: Green
Friends: (BlueLavender's)Cotton the fox, (SierraDawn9's)Ash the bat,(Rest are mine)
Rieno the Chihuahua, and Sila the fox
Enemies: Anti- Team Burst,Dr.Eggman, and Sort of Amy, Shadow, and (made oleh me)Razor
Relatives: Serenda the Cat, Tina the Cat, and John the Ocelot
Favorite Color: RED
Casual Outfit: Red t-shirt with blue jean shorts and red sandals
Favorite musik Genre:...
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