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misanthrope86 posted on Aug 12, 2016 at 11:18PM
To cope with the build up to Suicide Squad's release, some of us got our crazy out by doing a link. So to cope with the post-viewing crazies, here is a post-release challenge! Obviously there will be SPOILERS, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, jump into the the pre-release challenge linked above. For the rest of ya, just answer the following questions (either one a day, a few at a time, or all at once...). Some people like to post edits along with their answers just for fun, so as long as you aren't stealing other people's work, all edits are welcome! If you have any ideas or requests for a challenge question, let me know!

Here we go, puddins'!

1. Rate the movie out of 10 (10 being perfect)!
2. Favourite overall character?
3. Favourite scene?
4. Best fight?
5. Least favourite character?
6. Spinoff you are most eager for?
7. New character you want most in future movies? Fan cast them, if you want!
8. Favourite outfit of any character?
9. Best use of music?
10. Trailer/tv spot scene (or even scene from a promotional image) that didn't make the movie that you'd most like to see? (check out link for a compilation of the cut scenes)
11. Who would you want as your ally?
12. Favourite relationship between two characters (doesn't have to be romantic!)?
13. Best acting performance?
14. Favourite tattoo?
15. Pick a cellmate! Who would you want to bunk with in Belle Reve?
16. Favourite accessory?
17. Favourite weapon?
18. Who would you rather work for: Waller or The Joker?
19. Which Squad member's powers/abilities would you most like to have?
20. Overall character ranking!

What a ride!
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