Suicide Squad is a 2016 DC film that stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto. It has gotten bad critic reviews, but does it deserve that? This review is about that.


The Suicide Squad (Task Force X) is founded oleh Amanda Waller who has sneaky intentions. The team has hit man Deadshot, fun loving Harley Quinn, Flash enemy Captain Boomerang, api powered El Diablo, and powerful Killer Croc. They are joined oleh the military Rick Flag and swords girl Katana. It's up to them to save the world from the Enchantress. They also better watch out for the Joker!

The Editing

The 1 thing I agree with the critics about is the questionable editing. The judul characters barely even talk in the first 40 menit in the film. Although the first half of the film is very oddly edited it doesn't ruin the film for me.

The akting and the Characters

The best part of the film in my opinion is the characters. Well some of them. The film lacks a clear protagonist, but the closest to being the bintang is Deadshot. Although Will Smith did a good job and is pretty funny I don't really get why a film that has 2 of Batman's most iconic enemies focuses so much on Deadshot who is a pretty minor batman character.

I cinta this film's version of Harley Quinn. She is oleh far my favorit member of the Suicide Squad. She has a good storyline and is really entertaining and funny. I hope that she is in lebih upcoming DC films. Margot Robbie did a amazing job at playing Harley. Visually she looks awesome.

The Joker may not appear as much as he should, but as usual he's a big standout character. He has several scene stealing moments in the film. Jared Leto did a really good job at playing the Joker. Similar to Harley he looks awesome.

Katana doesn't have a very big role, but she is pretty awesome. Captain Boomerang is a good comedy relief. I hope that he is in the Flash's first solo film. The other squad members don't stand out that much.

The Enchantress is a pretty great villain. In addition to be threatening she is enjoyably corny.

Special mention to Griggs: a harsh, but entertaining guard that Task Force X doesn't get along with.

batman is in a few scenes and he shines well. He even gets to hint at a upcoming DC film in the last scene of the film.


Is Suicide Squad awesome? Yes!