Soooo the link has been released, so I thought I'd do a pre-release guide to the soundtrack, and link anda to some of these musical delights. If the song hasn't been released yet, I'll be linking anda to another song from the artist as an example of their particular sound. Hopefully I'll be able to update these as all the songs are released!

'Purple Lamborghini' oleh Skrillex & Rick Ross

I don't know who either of these people are coz I'm so old, so I YouTube'd them. Seems this track will be a dancey (link)-rappy (link) kinda thing, which is not typically my idea of good tunes, but we'll see. Jared Leto has reportedly Joker'd up for the musik video for this song, which was specifically written for the movie, so this is likely to be a prominent piece of music!


EDIT: Listen to the song via the above link! Definitely not a fan, personally. The lyrics in the chorus are kinda interesting, but secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan this song is really... boring...? I'm not a rap fan at all, so maybe I just don't get it...
Original comments: Dunno these people either, but apparently link and link are rappers, and link are like Coldplay...? I couldn't find this song anywhere so I reckon it is another song written especially for the film.



This is a cool song and really cool to see that an official 'Suicide Squad' themed musik video has been released, complete with 'Suicide Squad' footage (see above link)! I have a bit of a soft-spot for twenty one pilots because they sound a lot like 311, and I liked 311. Anyway, this is an original song written specifically for the movie. And with lyrics like "please don't make any sudden moves" and "it looks like anda might be one of us", I think this song so far fits in really well with my interpretation of the 'Suicide Squad' vibe.


'Standing In The Rain' oleh Action Bronson & Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys) & featuring Mark Ronson

Again, who are these people?! How old am I?!?! Based on my old-lady research, this could be another rap number with a twist, diberikan link is a rapper and link are indie-hipsters. And link is a dancey-music guy, apparently, so this might be another of these original songs that mashes up a few different musical genres.

'Gangsta' oleh Kehlani

Another original song! Apparently link is a hip-hop singer/rapper too. Personally, not really into rap and stuff, but I actually quite like her voice so she might produce something interesting here.

'Know Better' oleh Kevin Gates

Seems link is ANOTHER rapper/hip-hop artist (who has 2 phones). Ok, so this is gonna be a rap heavy soundtrack. I think in the movie itself, I won't care, but diberikan the musik choices of the full trailers so far, I had been hoping for a lebih rock/alternative-based soundtrack... Anywho, this seems to be another original song for the soundtrack, which is pretty cool.



YAY I SONG I KNOW. This is a remake of Lesley Gore's original 1963 version. It was used to great effect, in my opinion, in the Blitz trailer, so cool to see it on the full soundtrack listing. The lyrics connect pretty well to what we already know about multiple characters in this 'Suicide Squad' universe, so I think this modern version of the song is cool choice for the movie.


Meh, another rapper. At least I know who this one is! Again, I think the lyrics for this song are pretty important to the characters in the movie (well, if anda ignore the eminem bluster...), so I'm interested to see how exactly this obnoxious tune fits in with the film.

'Wreak Havoc' oleh Skylar Grey

I'm learning so many new artists right now. link is a pop singer providing another original song. Pretty nice voice, and diberikan her vibe, this could be a haunting song. Interested to hear this one!

'Medieval Warfare' oleh Grimes

Another original track. link seems to be all about dancey-indie stuff...? Again, pretty interested to see how this song turns out. And liking that there are a few ladies featured on the soundtrack!


UGH I am really hoping they just spelled "Queen" wrong here... link is one of those songs that anda just don't touch... I gave Panic! At The Disco's live version a listen (and linked it here for y'all), and it wasn't a total abomination, I guess. Still not comfortable with it, but I'll give it a chance.


This is a cool song! I can definitely see this one fitting right in to the 'Suicide Squad' universe, and nice to see some older stuff incorporated into a very modern soundtrack.


Oh god yes. Awesome song choice. Then end.



I'm assuming this is the 'I Started A Joke' version from the Comic Con trailer. It is actually pretty hard to track down the proper version of this song, so hopefully I can update the link at a later date. Anyway, this is a cover of the original link song (but please also listen to the link cover too). This creepy, haunting version is awesome and was brilliant in the Comic Con trailer. Excellent find and excellent use of music!

I think this has the potential to be a pretty cool soundtrack. I'm pretty impressed with the number of original songs that they have managed to selai in here, and I'm looking meneruskan, ke depan to hearing them all as they roll out!